Sleepytime Thoughts with Gaming Comander

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  1. Hello everyone! So, a little unknown fact about me is that from Sunday-Thursday my bedtime is at 10:00 PM and Friday-Saturday I usually go to bed at around 4:00 AM. But when it's time to go to bed, I can't help but think about the most random things, which can keep my up anywhere from 30 minutes to one hour.
    With that being said, I've decided to post some of my random bedtime thoughts here to see what y'all think. I think it'll be pretty funny just to see what goes on in my mind when I'm supposed to be sleeping! Enjoy!
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  2. The Area 51 Raid is coming in 13 you know how scary that is? The fact that Nevada has declared a state of emergency ahead of the Raid just shows how scared they are. Just think about it: an army of Redditors all Naruto running to the gates of Area 51, each excited to 'see dem aliens' and bring home some treasures and become famous. Then I began to realize just how powerful the guy who made the 'Raid Area 51' Facebook page had become. He was able to build an army of over 2 Million people from around the world in a matter of days! Yes, some are joking about going and are just saying it for the memes, but what about those who aren't joking? The closest hotel to Area 51 has been fully booked and travel websites are advertising other nearby hotels as well. Another thing I am worried about is the thought of who will lead this group of Memers. The man who made the Facebook post called it quits about a month ago, and all 2 million people have to synchronize their Naruto run up to the gates, being able to get past the guards and gain entry, so who is their new leader, and what other plans does he have? Finally, Im worried about the governments plan of action, They've already warned people not to raid Area 51, discussing how the weapons used in their are deadly, but that hasn't stopped people from cancelling their flight plans to Nevada. In fact, if you tell a person not to do something, it'll make them want to do it even more, and the government wouldn't kill that many people would they? All this talk about aliens is making my brain hurt. *sleeps*