Sleepy Shop Thread (10615, smp5)

Discussion in 'Share Your EMC Creations' started by SleepyPK, May 21, 2012.

  1. Post any comments, requests, or concerns about my shop at 10615. Please don't ask for a job or ask me to restock. My shop gets restocked regularly.

    -I don't resell any product, but I accept donation.
    -I do not and will not have any inventory suppliers.
    -My shop has no affilliations, whatsoever.
    -I will beat any price, as long as it's not free.

    Customers are welcome any time, and fell free to ask for custom orders. (Such as items I don't sell in the shop.) Thanks!:)
  2. Your lot was incredibly laggy. I could barely turn or even TP outta there!
  3. what do u sell?
  4. I sell wool, obsidan and books to name a few.
  5. I apolgize to anyone who lags at my residence. I don't lag, so I'm afraid it's your internet that's the problem.
  6. My shop is very popular, so I thought making a thread for comments and concerns would help.
  7. I just went there and ya it was incredibly laggy. Not all people have super good computers and cant handle all the animals you have moving around. I wanted to see what you had but sadly i cant
  8. I'ts my nieghbor's hundreds of chickens that make folks lag, not my sheep.