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  1. I will be releasing a story whenever I feel like it. Do not get too attached to the characters :)

    The love rose
    Tommy had a rose.
    He named the rose "Love"
    The rose died a week later.

    After Tommy gave Jimmy's rose back to him, Jimmy was angry.
    That was his grandmother's rose.
    Jimmy wanted revenge.

    Jimmy loved knives.
    He loved slashing and slinging them.
    He also loved the color red.

    Tommy was a bit iffy about being invited to a party.
    Tommy never went him to a party...
    He hopes it will be fun.

    The Party
    Tommy arrived at the party.
    He must have gotten there early...
    because he only saw Jimmy.

    Want to play a game?
    Jimmy invited Tommy over to where he was.
    Odd, there was no food, drinks, or anything that a party would have
    Jimmy asked Tommy if he wants to play a game.

    Tommy and Jimmy both sat on the ground, Jimmy then pulled out his knife
    Tommy started to get up, but Jimmy stabbed the knife into his hand
    Last thing Tommy heard was a gunshot.

    Last Breath
    Jimmy woke up to unbearable pain in his chest.
    Tommy was in the hospital bed next to him.

    Unclear of what happened, Jimmy knows Tommy will tell on him.

    Jimmy was suffocating Tommy with a pillow.
    Tommy reaches over for a weapon with his death coming soon.
    Tommy stabs Jimmy in the neck with a scalpel and they both die.

    Happily ever after.
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  2. Why?!?! Why did Love die? *sniff*
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  4. *grandmother's (OMG I'm turning into Kephras!)
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  5. 1st *sniff* so these are what people call feelings *sniff*
    2nd so this leads to hate? Well what does that "feel" like?
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  7. The plot thickens....
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