Skyrim WAY better then MW3 :D

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  1. Hey guys,

    As I said earlier, The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim is waaay better then MW3, and i now got something to prove that :D

    According to
    Steam’s tracker
    , Skyrim’s rocketed to 231,593 players (as of writing) during its first 24 hours. For reference, Modern Warfare 3′s currently in distant second at 78,161. That’s sort of, you know, insane. It’s probably also a record number of people concurrently falling to their knees, gazing up into the falling rain, and cursing a single interface designer’s name.

    There you go, Skyrim @ 231.593 and MW3 @ 78161 :)
    Now the discussion can be closed about which game is better, coz Skyrim is OBVIOUSLY better :) :D

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  2. No not really, give it time and you will see that Mw3 player #'s will far exceed that of Skyrims.
  3. If steam is just the pc based client then I can assure you that there are many more MW3 console players than skyrim... Not many people like playing FPS on PC
  4. i agree with eclipsys, skyrim is way better, i've played mw3 at my friends house.. and guess what! Its the same thing as all of the other cods with a different gamemode! YAY!
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  5. How can you even compare Skyrim to MW3? It's like comparing WoW to CSS. They are totally different game genres. Skyrim is a role-playing game and the Call of Duty series are FPS.
  6. Always been more a fan of Bethesdas work .I rather have an huge open world to explore with incredible graphic design then listening to kids raging at my perks/weapons at mw3 .
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  7. Skyrim is an Action Adventure/RPG. MW3 is an FPS.
    Both genres are exceptionally better played with a mouse and keyboard.
    MW3 will garnish higher sales on console because of Xbox Live and PSN.
    Skyrim will flourish on PCs because of the mod capabilities that will keep the title alive for another century. Any bugs on console are permanent. On PC, however, it will be patched either officially or unofficially as it is discovered.

    Apples to oranges here folks.
    The PC vs. Console war is moot.
    The comparison of Skyrim and MW3 is also moot.
    MW3 has a record sales score for console.
    Skyrim has a record sales score for PC.
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    Given a choice I would pick Skyrim without a doubt.
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  9. I'm not a fan of the MW COD games (Love Treyarch, though), so I will agree with you in that sense, but what has been said popped in my head right away already with you can't compare them really being in different genres. I WOULD like to put in my opinion, however that BF3 > (x1000) MW3. :)
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  10. I second that!
  11. Its called turning voice chat off XD
  12. Apples and oranges, you can't compare them. Personally I prefer Skyrim. Also, I don't see how people dislike playing FPS games on a PC; it's incredibly had to do so on a console.
  13. I wouldn't say it's hard at all. Just a preference. Honestly, I think it's to easy on the PC...especially sniping. I prefer console for many other reasons than the controls, though.
  14. Although I agree that Battlefield is orders of magnitude superior to Call of Duty, I find it both intriguing and disturbing that you like Treyarch. They essentially ruined the franchise. Call of Duty and Call of Duty 2, both developed by Infinity Ward, were spectacular. Everything after that, even the IW iterations, were garbage.
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  15. Exactly what I was thinking, they ruined it all with black ops, in no way did I enjoy black ops, black ops was a crap game.
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  16. While Call of Duty: World at War wasn't my favorite CoD, I must say that I found it really good and entertaining, and love how Teyarch brought the Zombies in.
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  17. I personally love treyarch because of quantum of solace and zombies, and waw actually was my first and favorite cod. This may be because i never bought cod 4 until all of the hackers had ruined the game, at least on ps3, but anyway, i loved world at war.
  18. Skyrim wins by far, It's a FPS and 3rd person/roleplay! the only bad thing is, when you kill a village of people your not sopost too, they stay dead on the floor, naked, from when you looted them. kinda wierd walking around a village seeing a bunch of dead people that you needed to use for a quest or assignment lol
  19. I feel quite the opposite. BECAUSE of MW2, I never thought I would get into a COD game very seriously. Black Ops made the game fun in both campaign and multiplayer for me. First of all, it wasn't the typical "same war game" feeling I've played in almost every war game ever (including the MWs, I couldn't finish due to how boring they were). The angle the took with the being brainwashed and doing everything via flashbacks was amazing and a much needed change of pace.

    The multiplayer hands down goes to Treyarch. There's a reason you can go into Black Ops today and play a normal game, but not go into MW2 and get shot by a wall hacker. Treyarch cares about their games and spends time on them. Not to mention they make minor changes that make it more fair for everyone. Everyone who was MW fan always complained about how they "couldn't hit anything in BO". Well the reason for that is, Treyarch made the hitboxes smaller so you couldn't spray and pray as much as you could in MW2. MW2 was unplayable almost for that reason alone to me. Another thing is, that infinite care packages glitch in MW2 went on for WAYYYYYYYYY to long. Treyarch hasn't had a game breaking glitch go on for more than a week, max (if that).

    I'm a huge fan of TF2 and L4D2. One thing about Valve games is they don't give you aim assist, so the less help I get the better. This is probably why I could never get used to MW2 as it was way to easy for everyone to unfairly kill me. I suppose those that grew up on the MW games are used to easier hitboxes though, so I can understand their views. It's the same as mine, but opposite, and to no fault of their own...IW just conditioned them that way.

    Oh and for the record, Treyarch's Zombies destroys anything COD has ever done, ever, from either company, lol. That is all.