Skyrim: Possibly one of the greatest games in history.

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Which of the following is your favorite Elder Scrolls game?

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Arena 2 vote(s) 8.0%
Daggerfall 2 vote(s) 8.0%
Morrowind 2 vote(s) 8.0%
Oblivion 5 vote(s) 20.0%
Skyrim 19 vote(s) 76.0%
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  1. I really enjoy played RPG games, especially ones that have a medieval touch to the story. Skyrim, as you can notice, is my favorite out of them all. As Dragonborn, the player must slay all evil dragons threatning to end all man-kind. The player may of course use any weapons or spells to defeat the vile beasts and absorb the creature's soul. There is also another way the Dragonborn can defend the living, by shouting at the dragon in it's own tongue! If you have played Skyrim, you surely would know what I'm talking about, but those who haven't may not. Dragon-slaying is not the only reason this game is awesome. There are also the many possibilities you can take, who you can marry, or just the fact that shooting an arrow in an unaware enemy's back can just kill them. Not only is this game about saving the world, it's also about starting a life. (Virtually) If you haven't played Skyrim but like RPGs and medieval games, you should definitely try it out, it's worth the 60 bucks.

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  2. i play skyrim, but im pretty stuck for the time being, i have transformed into a vampire, and i cant turn back
  3. Well, that sucks. I guess that tell everyone to become a werewolf quick if you don't want to turn into a vampire...
  4. I agree, please don't swear here...
  5. Fixed
  6. It was quite good, but one of the greatest? Um, nope.
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  7. Kinda liked the Fallout series more... the guns make in more fun to me... i mean, after a while, swinging a sharp/blunt object just looks/feels the same... give me firepower over a blade any day...

    Its still a good game, but nowhere near the level of hype its gotten. Im playing it right now, and I'm really getting sick of these endless small jobs you have to cpmplete to become the head of the thieves guild...I've done everything else, returned the skeleton key and everything, but now I have to do all these pointless repetitive small jobs... its buggin the **** out of me. :mad:
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  8. I'm doing the same thing! I got fed up with it and went off to find the Staff of Magnus. I'll come back and deal with it later ;D
  9. I hate it when people think that that attack says "voice attack" :mad:
  10. Also story towards the end is a great disapoitment.
  11. Most recent game that made my "greatest games of all time" list?

    Portal 2
    < (see EMC avater to the left here :D)

    I platinumed it and I still cant get enough of it.....cause I'm a potatoe..
  12. I too like fallout a lot more, but not because of weapons.. I'll never forget the feeling when I was ony my first playthrough of fallout 3. One of the best games for sure. And there are games like Mass effect, X3: Reunion & Terran Conflict, Beyond good and Evil and some more that also amde special impact on me :p
  13. Yeah, I just think it really depends on the player... we each have our own list of games that really effected/touched/excited us, but they aren't always the same for everyone. I usually get a kick out of people debating over a difference in opinions on whether a game "sucked" or was "awesome" it's like, can't you just accept that everyone has different tastes? Im 32 and the first time I played a video game was on a machine called a Commadore 64... back in...tI guess sometime in the early 80's.. there are kids on EMC that think the PS One is old and have never heard of an SNES or an NES.... blows my mind to think about how long I've been playing video games and how MANY I've probably played in my lifetime.
  14. TESV 2012-02-14 16-42-29-57.jpg
    Skyrim mods FTW XD
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  15. That is sooo cool! I also like the Imperial Helmet which I had Cicero wear with Penitus Oculatus Armor before I messed my file up, again...
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  16. 2012-02-14_00007.jpg
  17. Nice mod, really. It's a really cool mod, now I sort of wish I also had Skyrim on my computer too...
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  18. Skyrim is amazeing i personally agree with u lozmaniac25 its my all time favorite bethesda has always created great games such as fallout :)
  19. Dedric Armor is fantastic i love the way it looks its Bea---Utiful