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  1. I was fighting some mages in Skyrim when Lydia tried to tank them and died. I have checked the Hall of the Dead, all the slots, and Dragonsreach! How do I get her back?
  2. I haven't played Skyrim in awhile, so don't quote me on this; but I think there's no possible way of getting her back without console commands.
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  3. I'm afraid SoulPunisher is 100% correct, once Lydia dies, there is no way of getting her back :(

    EDIT : I'm referring to the PC version of the game
  4. once she dies that's it i believe. I never used her much I preferred one of the other girls you get. though its been so long i cant think of her name
  5. Could it have been Mjoll ? :)
  6. Assuming you have the PC version (and let's be honest, why would you get anything else?), getting her back is simple enough. Open the console and enter the following:
    prid A2C94
    moveto player (/optional)
    The 'moveto' bit is just to put her back with you when she revives, otherwise you may have to go looking for her wherever she died.
    If you have the console version though... yeah, she's gone.
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  7. I didn't think it mattered at the time, but I have the xbox version
  8. I play xbox edition. You just have to go back where you died, or you have to check dragonsreach where you should get her. Actually, u might have to load up a save that was BEFORE you died and you had lydia. And yes, im a girl, i play skyrim.
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  9. i died in Fellglow Keep, in the tunnels. I got to the part when 4 fire mages attack you. She died there. Do I go back to that area? But she is dead, so how would that do anything?
  10. Oh, no. You have to go to (hopefully) a save that is before your death but you still have Lydia
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  11. load a previous save...are you new to the elder scrolls?
  12. Did you save the game beforehand? - i'm pretty sure it autosaves

    Edit - Ninja'd by bitemenow15 :p
  13. I was looking for a way to get her back without loading a previous save. I think I will go and get Uthgerd if I can't get Lydia back.
  14. rule number one of elder scrolls: save before you go in any dungeon
  15. i did! I have a ton of saves for that area. I just don't want to lose all that progress. That fight took me an hour to win!
  16. well, now you know you need more stuff! come back decked out with fire resist potions and win easy
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  17. I've played three or four builds. Fire Mage was my favorite. I never needed anything just walk in and blow everything up.
  18. yeah and all yoru loot scatters everywhere
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  19. Yea it does but I had so much stuff it didn't matter. I'm a bit of a pack rat. By the time you become guild master of everything it doesn't matter you have all kinds of things.
  20. Consoles have no console. Oh, the irony.