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  1. I can now say i own skype XD
    My name is jtc0999 if you want to chat, i'm always available when i'm on :3
    But it might take me a minute to figure out how to answer, and i have no idea how to call xD
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  2. Lol , when it pops up hit answer lol
  3. Merp, I'll add you. But honestly, don't give your Skype like that, it can lead to very weird consequences.
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  4. Seems ledgit xD

    [quote="jamesg003, post: 500634"]Merp, I'll add you. But honestly, don't give your Skype like that, it can lead to very weird consequences.[/quote]

    Now you tell me
  5. YES JTC's Skype! Now to get a voice changer and 9 year old questions about minecraft ( how do I log into the server! )
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  6. You own A skype, not Skype. The difference grammar makes...

    My name is Cookielegend2011 (I was 10... don't skit me please :p). I highly doubt you'd want to add me though and I only really use it for managing things with mba, Jake_Bagby and a certain spammer... and calling my friend, Josh and playing Minecraft together.
    I also put up weird statuses.
    Even ask Jaari... He said my club should be 18+ D:
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  7. It doesn't matter :3 I'll add you anyway.
    Your Jamie Valdez, correct?
  8. Sparertoaster. I only do text chat.
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  9. I don't blame you :p
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  10. Yeah, I am :p
  11. I haz Skype too but you'll have to guess mine :)
  12. Southpark347?
  13. No
  14. Southpark348?
  15. I'll add you, but I don't call much
  16. Do your parents agree with you befriending strangers over the Internet and disclosing private info on a public forum :p Also wouldn't you just PM your EMC best friends your name rather than make it public? Anyways some suggestions feel free to take my advice or not....
  17. I talked to them, they trust meh :p
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  18. i only do text chat too, for the win!
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  19. I just added you all.
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