Skype users, beware [All who have skype PLEASE read]

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  1. There is this guy named "John Smith" on skype, and it seems like he is speaking to EMC members who have skype. He will claim that [Random Person in EMC] is the leader od his group and recommend you for your AMAZING builds.

    I am here to tell you to deny and block this John Smith. I do not know if he got anything from my PC, but i wanted to put out a warning.

  2. What if my best friend is John Smith?
  3. That name is so fake -_- There is a book seires called I am number 4 that is the center of the story and his cover up name is John Smith.
  4. Then ask Your friend the next time you see him if he asked you to join his "group"
  5. John Smith from Pocahontas? :D:D:D

    jks but how does he go onto your pc? and what does he do that is so bad?
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  6. He sends him disguised links to Justin Beiber songs.
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  7. Thanks for the warning :)
  8. As far as i know, he could send a virus onto your PC which gives him access to your files. He could then find our your name, phone number, e-mail address, Adress, COF, SOF, zip code, ect.
  9. >.> oh okay
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  10. I see your reaction then i see your signature. I cant take you seriously.
  11. Well. This is bad.
  12. He could not upload a virus right on your computer with just being in a text conversation with him, it however, could happen if he gave you a link to download. So be cautious...
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  13. Maybe he doesn't want you to answer that call...

  14. Thanks for the warning
  15. John Smith is also the name The Doctor uses as an alias. Now I'm sad, what if he's a Time Lord who wants me to be his companion? :c
  16. Im not familiar with Skype, but from what I know, you would have to do something more for him to be able to do that.
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  17. Pretty much if you use all your actual info in the profile of Skype or use a name you use other places with that info they can get it. The only way to get a virus through skype really that I've seen is click a link someone posts.
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  18. The Smiths... they are leaving the Matrix!!
  19. Why would you add someone who you don't trust :p Anyways thanks for the heads up and anyone random who sends me a request I usaully block anyway :p
  20. lol, as soon as I saw that name, I wanted to put a link to the Wikia page for him xD
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