Skype names and Instagram names

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  1. Hey guys im trying not to be creepy but i want to know you guys a bit better plz gimme your Skype and Instagram names you dont have to do both.

    Post it like this
    Skype: Theomglover
    Instagram: Lee_Fishy

    My real insta and Skype names
  2. my Instagram name is 'Lee_Fishy'
  3. @_justin_dehaan_
  4. whats that for
  5. hi
  6. Instagram: @jpgamer1000
    Skype: jpgamer1000
  7. What do you need Skype for, video chat? :p
  8. Yeah. It's better than giving personal information....and we can see each other. Whereas mumble we can only talk.
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  9. If I told you those, I'd have to kill you.

    Edit: In all seriousness, PM me if you want my skype. I will only give it to people I know as it contains my last name.
  10. :confused:
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  11. Okay, my skype id/username thing is "superwissel", my name is obvious.
  12. My Skype is Slowkinggamer and I don't use Insatgram
  13. anyone else again XD I just want to know you better ( not in a stalker's way )
  14. aloha_ikapela is ikapela on smp4 :)

    mustanglover25 has skype.


    xD :p
  15. but um um......:confused:
  16. lol just suggesting
  17. but what if someone doesn't want to voice chat/ or video chat at all... because, i never will, and will always ignore your call... but messaging on skype? that i'll do. lol
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  18. My skype is rowan_123, rarely used but add it if you want :)
    My Insta is D3admaster98, I haven't posted anything and I don't post so pretty worthless lol
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