Skyfall Cafe & Theater

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  1. Skyfall Cafe' & Theater
    Laides and Gentlemen,
    Boys and Girls,
    I am pleased to announce the
    Grand Opening of the
    Skyfall Cafe' & Theater!
    Hello everyone! I, Hash98, am pleased to announce our Grand Opening of Skyfall Cafe' and Theater. The Skyfall Cafe' offers a unique menu with items that most other restraunts don't include. Some items consist of sushi, fruit salad, fish & chips,etc.(All items vannila). We also offer a variety of drinks and deserts to pleasure your chicken nuggets. In all the Skyfall Cafe' is a memorable experience that will keep you saying "I want to come back!"
    Our Theater is a magnificent peice taking form the design of Minecraftgirl30's stage at her amazing restraunt. Never before seens of shows are acted out on this stage including our brand new, about to premier, MW3 Ending. Our actors include Me, Myself, I, gwormn, and one more to hire! We will also be doing local chat bids throughtout your meal course. Some items may include double chest of sugarcane,etc.
    Reservations: Skyfall Cafe' offers a unique system that is hard to beat on EMC. We accept reservations 5-10 minutes before your meal. You will automatically get a seat and will be first on the list. Reservations may be cancled by us at anytime due to downtime, IRL, or even server reboots. We only accept 4 reservations at a time.You make a reservation on the forums like this:
    We accept rupees,gold,or iron as currency in our restraunt.
    Traveling from a different server will give you a 3 Rupee discount. Most people won't bother to get that, but if you think about it, You could get a basket of carrots(3) for 1r.
    Grutuity is expected for the waiters and the actors. Also being well mannered and remained seated will make your visit more pleasurable.
    Skyfall Cafe' was based off an idea from the amazing movie Skyfall 007. We inputed the theme of design in the theater into our theater. We are in no way copying or stealing the movies "Title" or "Form".
    Thanks for Reading!
    I will post some pictures later!
    Have a wonderful day!
    -H&G Inc.
    The Cafe' is on SMP-1 at 1103!
  2. Our next show will be pretty soon, around 4:30 pm Eastern U.S.
  3. Awesome! I will be going there now! :)
  4. Name- nfell2009
    Server- SMP4
    Time- Whatever suits you
    People - 1 :(
  5. Guess I check it out :)
  6. What server is the theater?
  7. Oh, sorry, I will mention the server in the main stream above!
    Health Permit for Skyfall Cafe' and Theater
    by H & G
    95% A
    Pros: Very Clean and Well Maintained.
    Cons: They throw food on the floor and have a live cow
    in thier kitchen.
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  9. NEXT SHOW premiers at 5:10! It is titled "Fight to the Death!" and is written by kkk111gt. Actors include Hash98 and gwormn. Following the premier we will be hosting a local auction on a DC of sugarcane!
  10. Starting Show pretty soon! Mozzy your butts on over her!
  11. nfell2009's Rating of the performance: 'Fight to the Death!'

    5/5! I loved the action and how it looked real to a point. The bows and the sword plus the dyed armour on made it look amazing! :D

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  12. Thanks for the review!
  13. Hmm...

    Do skyfall as a play :p

    Anyways, this seems pretty cool. When's the next?
  14. This is awesome, waiting for the 7:30 Play
  15. Yes, the next play will be at 7:30. Try to be there at 7:15 so I can get you your food. Until then, here are some announcements. We will be using some special affects during our next play!
  16. Im already in a chair waiting for the show... :D
  17. We are about to begin our show "Wizards" by Hash98. Actors include Hash98 & gwormn!
  18. 5/5 It was good...I had a good time...I ate Fresh Cut Carrots, I got Drunk and accidently broke the bottle on the table :rolleyes:, then I yelled BRAVO BRAVO while I threw flowers