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  1. Introducing.....The One and Only.....Sky Hotel! This is my current project I am working on, it is currently being built on smp9 at res 19144!

    What Is it: The Sky Hotel is a hotel being built on smp9, the rooms are very spacious and luxurious. The hotel is based on the design of Sky Tower II, and each room is being personally made by Battmeghs. The rooms are being built around the design of a condo; there is a dining area, a bedroom, and a chest room.

    Why: Why should you have to waste space on your residence building a house, or having a ugly set of chests? If you were to buy one of my rooms you would get to have a separate place to store all of your belongings, and you would get your entire res to build your own creations on!

    When: I expect the hotel to be fully finished by next month, but you can preorder rooms now (see "how")

    How: When the hotel is fully finished, we will be offering both buying and renting rooms, but for the time being you can preorder room. When preordering a room, you will save 1,000+ rupees from the final price. To order, please message me :)

    Preorder List:
    ----------Desc.-------------Amount of Rooms Left-----------Total Rooms of Type--------Price
    Iron Room- a iron room
    consists of roughly 1/4 ---------------16-------------------------------16------------------5,000r
    of a level

    Gold Room- A gold room
    is about 1/2 of a level -----------------16-------------------------------16-----------------10,000

    Diamond Room- A diamond
    room is an entire level all to ----------8---------------------------------8------------------15,000

    Penthouse- The penthouse
    is the best of the best rooms!---------Sorry, at this time I am not setting this up as a preorder.
    A penthouse is 2 levels with a
    loft shaped design.

    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Bulletin Board~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    I am starting to run low on rupees, if you don't want a room, but still want to contribute to a awesome project consider the ideas below.

    1. You can donate rupees to my project just type /rupees pay joshmcf amounthere

    2. You can donate materials to me, if you visit my residence and jump off the hotel, you will see several chests set up for donations.

    3. You can participate in my auctions, my most recent one is a enchanted sword + 2 grinders + 6 spawners (two of which can be made into a double grinder) You can see my auction here:
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  2. Cvss1022 had a sky hotel then he left EMC
  3. Pictures of progress as of 7/29/12

    Overall Hotel:

    Lobby: (I am now having to build it myself, because another person stole my money and I have not seen them ever)

    A level: (A level is 45x35x6, Battmeghs officialy starts working tomorrow building the rooms)
  4. Its not really a hotel in the sky, its built on top of my shop, I am just calling it that because the levels go higher than the clouds.
  5. He left EMC nuuuu
  6. I thick he did he comes on some times but not to often
  7. Anyone want to preorder a room? Just message me what type of room you want.
  8. I finished the lobby!
  9. is this the "secret project" as stated in ur sig?
  10. Pssttt, Naw
  11. nice job so far!!!!!!
  12. With all that wool, you must have firespread set to false right? And its lookin good!:)
  13. Yep
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  14. I kinda made a sky hotel....but its a huge squid XD

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  15. Its not named sky hotel for being in the sky, its named the sky hotel, because it is based on Sky Tower II
  16. i have been very busy and forgot your name sorry, 2K returned :D
  17. Will buy a diamond room.
  18. Please hold of for a couple days, and let me finish building the levels for the diamond room :)
  19. its going to be awesome, can't wait till its finished :)