[Auction] Enchanted Wood Sword + 2 grinders + 6 spawners!

Discussion in 'Auction Archives' started by joshmcf, Jul 28, 2012.

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  1. I am auctioning a wood sword with knockback I, and as a "added bonus, I will include 2 grinders and 6 spawners (different from grinders)"!

    Starting Bid: 30,000r
    Minimum Bid Increment: 500r
    Auction Ends: 24 hours after last bid

    This auction has been approved by Twitch1, and he personally tested the grinders!

    Pictures soon.
  2. Any Doubles, Triples, or x4??
  3. Not with the premade grinders, but maybe with the spawners, how far apart do they have to be within?
  4. not quite sure but tbh I don't think this is worth a starting bid of 30k
  5. Just another trend brought to you by LeoWaste.
    Just wait for it to be over used and shut down real quick like...
  6. My last one I sold was 3 grinders, and it sold for 30k. This is 2 grinders, 6 spawners, a enchanted item, 1 /12 stacks of mossy cobble, 3 stacks of iron ore, 14 blocks of lapis.........

    I will change the starting bid to 20k.
  7. it all about how many spawners work at once from one location. Not how many spawners you find individually.
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  8. Your such a trend setter. When I asked crazy if I could do it, he replied "LeoWaste did it"
  9. So how close do the spawners need to be together?
  10. they work when you are within 16 blocks.so two spawners need to be at least 31 blocks apart or less to be able to have both of them activated at the same time. example, my 4x grinder has one spot to stand and all 4 spawners work at once
  11. Looked through the coords of the spawners, the x is within 14 blocks of eachother, and the z is within 13 blocks of eachother and they are 1 level apart, would that work?
  12. lol if the other sold for 30k y do this one starting at 30k if I were you I would lower starting price then you might get a bidder (like me)
  13. How many spawners that close
  14. actually pm me on that question
  15. math always seems as if would work. but it always failed for me.

    I always dug a line of sigh to each spawner that was well lit up. Then found the perfect spot while being able to look at all of them. if they light up on fire, they are active. if they go dark, they are not.
  16. But if you try and try like leo you can have 4 million on the leader boards :)
  17. I can't test now, if I log on, someone will track me :(
  18. Because I can't edit the post, the starting bid is now 20k
  19. lol should have never said that....be sneaky about it
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