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  1. I give all and full credit to the following:

    Here we go.

    I will make you any skin you'd like
    Female, male, creature, animal, character, etc.

    I will send you the link once finished.
    Pm me or respond to one of my comments to get my attention.

    PM me to give me full details for what you'd like, or give me some details and let me wing it.

    You could even give me some of your interests and tell me what kind of skin you'd like (human, female, male, creature, etc.)

    I go through many different stages and websites to give you what you want, so please be patient.
    I will try my best.

    No begging
    Don't ask for your skin more than 3 times or pester me about it unless you want to change something until it's been a week plus
    Be patient
    Don't be rude
    PRICE MUST BE BETWEEN 200-2k for it to be relevant. I might let you get of with 100 if it's not hard to do.

    Check out ForrestEagle's Skin Shoppe:

    Catch ya later

  2. That's it... you're psychic. I was literally just, and I mean just searching the forums for a decent skin service that hasn't been abandoned. As soon as I gave up, guess what the most recent thread was?

    Anyway, I'm interested if you couldn't tell. Would you rather I placed the order here in this thread, or PM'd you with what I want?
  3. You can PM me C: If you want an example, I'll have an example ready soon.
  4. Do you do skin revamps?
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  5. I can, yes C:
  6. Now that I've waited a week and a half for some reason, could you do a skin redesign for me? I'd like to keep the skin color, hair, and clothing colors please :D