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Do you think that this company is a good idea?

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  1. Hi everyone!!! :)

    I have started a skin design company. It specializes in all kinds of skins!!!

    How to Get A Skin-Simply PM me and tell me what kind of skin you would like, pay me a selected (and cheap) amount of money, and I will make it for you in no time!!!
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  2. The colors hurt my eyes ;-;

    Anyways, you should show some examples of skins you made
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  3. How much is that exactly?
  4. It depends on the type of skin, but never more than 1.5k
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  5. Sounds interesting... And really not expensive at all :p

    I'll send you a PM tomorrow. I'm really bad at making skins you know :D
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  6. You could just tell me what you want now though!!!
  7. Oh, I just learned that I will be on until noon tomorrow if u want to meet me at my res (18741)
  8. Sorry, my last post was typed at 12:22 AM (my local time) on my mobile, so I didn't feel like typing much details out :p

    I'm on at this very moment. Will not be on all the time today, but I will be reading the forums all the time, do just tell me when you're on. Because I have to go to a party today, I will be able to come online till 8 AM EMC time today.

    Might have some more time tomorrow though :)
  9. I'm on right now until around 5:00 :)
  10. I'm sorry, I have to sleep now :(
  11. I believe we are in VERY different time zones!!! :p
  12. OK, screw this time zone issue :p
    I'll tell you roughly what I want.

    I want to have a gamers outfit.
    Black shirt with blue accents / figures.
    Headset on the head.

    I'm not that great of a designer, so I'll let you fill in the rest :D
    If you need more details though, feel free to ask
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  13. Ok, I'll notify you if I need anything else!
  14. One thing:
    What color hair do you want???
  15. Brown
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  17. A few things:

    I'd like shorter hair

    I'd also like brown eyes rather than light blue
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