Skilled_Creeper's Obsidian maker! 12 obsidian with a flip of a lever!

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  1. Well I got Skilled to build one of these for me and I must say, I am VERY impressed. Well worth the 30r he is charging (plus a tip :p). GokouZWAR is right, you could charge a hell of a lot more for this!
  2. ^ But I won't! cause I think 30 is a good price
  3. This is an awesome generator. Totally worth the 30 rupees and 20r tip! I can lower my obsidian to dirt cheap and ruin the market. How does 1r for 64 sound?

    (lolz no, I wouldn't stoop that low)
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  4. I would like to purchase one:), also nice idea:)
  5. Hash pm me on forums with your res number and sever your res is on and give me a time that we could meet up so I could build you one
  6. ummm,not ready for it though-i'm currently building myself
  7. Thanks for building me one! It works great!
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  8. Can you make me one
  9. On utopia
  10. You'd have to ask JustinGuy about that one.... I am not a donater ( yet :) ) but you'd have to have permission from JustinGuy so I can come on Utopia and build it for you
  11. I think you can go in Utopia and build on his lots if he give u perm.
    Only the wilderness is restricted for Gold and Diamond supporter.
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  12. you have to be a supporter to be able to log onto Utopia
  13. yeah i can go on it. I just need oidgod to log on now
  14. I been there once. Peeping other ppl house. lol
    Jumping around. :D
  15. lol xD nice :p you get 1 point my friend =) I didn't know I could go on utopia to check out the houses/res :eek: