Skilled_Creeper's Obsidian maker! 12 obsidian with a flip of a lever!

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  1. Hey guys this is just a picture of my obsidian gen :) if you want one i'll build one for 30r! just gimme the stuff and i'll make it ( 30r is also needed)

  2. I love it how I like almost all your comments :p xD just because I can :eek:
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  3. It works very well. :)
    I suggest changing the block the Lava is on to something that takes longer to break... like bedrock.
  4. I cant buy or obtain bedrock... lol it is impossible to obtain it unless an op or gamemode 1 players gave me one but that is unlikely! :eek: unless I can ask justin for one :D
  5. I wouldn't mind one of these. I'm on smp3. I'll try and contact you when I'm on later.
  6. What exactly do you need for one of these? Obviously pistons, water, lava, a switch, and redstone, but what are the quantities, because I'd love one of these. I'm on SMP2, res 4054.
  7. I would like one but it seems a little bit expensive that you have to get all those things and pay 30r:confused:
  8. lol, <sarcasm> yeah that 30r will break the bank considering you get 100 per day and once it's setup you'll be able to make 30r on 2 blocks so it'll pay for itself pretty quick i'm sure.</sarcasm> Trust me, thats cheap and it's well worth the investment... the alternative is to hang over lava pools for hours and lose complete inventory loads of items to lava every few hours...which can be a lot more expensive than the building.

    Creeper, you're too cheap, you should be asking 1000r for it lol.
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  9. I fathom to know how this amazing contraption works.

    Goukou, NEVER tell someone to raise their prices... they might actually do it.
  10. If he's smart he will. :) Prices are way to low for stuff like this, and since I can build my own, it won't affect my price at all. ;) Plus 30r is cheap considering the time it'll take to gather resources for it and then the time it takes to build it. Some of the folks around here never consider the time it takes to harvest, build and research how to build such structures. That should be part of your price. It may cost 30r to buy the materials to build it, but really...that's waaaay to cheap for a building. Someone asked me to build a store like mine on his lot, and he flipped out when i said it was 5k rupees to do it with all the materials provided and built within a single day. It's a lot of time away from my projects to build stuff and I don't make progress when I stop, i don't make rupees when i stop too, plus a lot of the material required takes time to grow (ie the tree logs).
  11. I will not raise the price as that seems to be a nice price for it. Same with cobble gens. I love red stone so it isn't a lot of trouble if someone wants one just message me on forums private message saying you want one so your on my list
  12. How did u build it and could u build one at 734 smp1 for me
  13. Pirate message me if you want one
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  14. lol, pirate message...yargh!
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  15. That way it is a list or me instead of having to scan the thread and possibly missing someone
  16. .... !^_^

    I think he missed the joke...PIRATE vs PRIVATE, YARRR!! Pirates say yarr....oh forget it...
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  17. O I see lol xD
  18. Pirates do say 'Yarrr!'
    Very astute of you.
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  19. He gets it joke when you have to explain it...:\