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  1. Sketchtoy is a free program that allows you to draw something on your computer, and it can then be posted online, with it showing the sketch made from it's start. It's free and online, so give it a try!
    Here's one of Detective Gumshoe:
    And now you!
  2. Not sure this tool likes me...
  3. You guy's drawing make me feel like noob :p
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  4. XD sadly im no artist...<(o_o)>
    and im not giving my TERRIBLE pic XD
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  5. Why not? :p Can't be THAT bad!
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  6. dude it is.....
    im only good at drawing trees....XD
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  7. Then draw trees!
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  8. sure.. ill try... because it would be easy if the screen was a touch screen XD
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  9. Bow to my artistic abilities download.png
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  13. I just like watching people draw...
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  15. I think your tree is better than my fail attempt at a minecraft person.
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