Skeloton/Spider spawner

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  1. 2012-07-25_23.02.06.png I'm selling a cave spider/ Skeleton Mog grider for 1,000r per coordinate set

    smp9 2012-07-25_22.47.15.png
  2. kyle0001010, if you have to tell him, use PMs since neither you or him are supporters. Also, it would be wise for non-supporters to buy via PMs to minimise the chance of griefing.
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  3. i just asked :D but nice advice forgot that if i do but i might not
  4. i want mob spawner
  5. This guide will outline the selling of mob spawner locations and public coordinates in the wild. It will highlight the proper procedures and what you can expect from the staff in regards to these actions.

    What exactly can be sold?
    There are a few things. You can sell the location of a found mob spawner if it is VERY clear that nobody has already started doing something with it. Should you so much as see a torch on it or around it, consider it to be in use of another person. You may also sell services of setting up a mob grinder for another person to be a functional mob grinder.

    Where can I sell the locations?
    You may use the Community Market place and for a set price. You may NOT use the auctions to sell locations.

    What's the catch?
    The catch is that you will receive little to no support from staff in regards to disputes on this. In fact, we downright think that it is a bad idea and suggest players don't participate. There is a very good chance that you will be wasting your rupees as there are to many chances for things to go wrong. Your location may be found/griefed, the player whom you paid might not give you the exact idea of what you thought you wanted, etc. Also note, that when making a purchase of a mob spawner, you are not purchasing the RIGHTS to the spawner. Spawners are public domain and should someone come and find it, they are as welcome to use it as you are. You are simply purchasing the coordinates to the location of that spawner.

    Any complaints or inquiries to the staff regarding a deal gone wrong in this case will simply be referred to this guide, where we specifically suggest against doing it.
  6. um im not buying anything