Skelly spawner and a iron farm

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  1. Hello everyone I'm here today trying to sell a skellyton spawner and a 1 celled iron farm

    The iron farm is 1 celled but works great it spawns 2 golems every 6 minutes

    It don't have anything but a building and 64 villagars to spawn the golems

    The spawner is never been touched its 5 blocks under the iron farm

    It steal has all the mossy coble

    It's 15-20 minutes away from spawn

    It's on smp4
    It's 8k for both
    Once some one posts that they want to buy I will give them the farm the next day

    Players can out buy each other (try to pay more then the other)
  2. I dont think that this is legal, Have you checked the rules?
  3. Selling spawners is allowed, however I'm not sure about Iron farms :confused:
  4. Will I have already build the farm on it so it is part of it :p
  5. How long did it take you to build this?
  6. Thats not the problem
    This is
    This seems VERY similar to Auctioning off spawners and Im pretty sure that you cant auction out spawners. :p
  7. You cant auction any location:)
  8. Okay then ignore that first person to put 8k gets the farm and spawner
  9. Okay well, Unless he has a way of picking the spawners up then hes auctioning coords or have I been up for too long??? :)
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  10. O will I built it about 4 months ago

    It took me 3 days but I was much richer back then so I had tons of work around town to do :(

    :( I lost it all just got unbanned 2 hours ago
  11. He can sell the coordinates for both I believe. He is not able to sell ownership, just location and usage. Spawners are considered a shared resource, and it makes sense for iron farms that are already constructed to fall under the same rules. The sale of coordinates is discouraged by EMC but permitted.
  12. Hello stormboy. I want to buy the Iron Farm, and the skelly farm. I pay the 8k when you accept :)
  13. I accept but

    This thread will still go on I want to hear more lol :)
  14. Pls pay I will be on today to show you how to get there
  15. You can only sell it once...
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  16. I know that just want to hear wat you guys want to ask about it and talk about it
  17. I think he means that maybe someone bids 9k or something like that.