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  1. Oh i have an idea that you guyz could make sitting on stairs possible. That would it in amazingly as a design idea (would make me happy) and ,i hope, would bring other people joy!
  2. That would require more plugins. I don't think this is necessary either. There is no reason to sit in minecraft, anyways.

    And guys, don't just "-1". That's not constructive criticism, explain why.
  3. Wrong section, can just put a minecart in a stair anyway -1
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  4. O.O Must try.
    Anyways, I have heard from others this plugin would add lag to the servers, and honestly I don't see it being too useful.
  5. Wouldn't this require a client mod? EMC is a (semi) vanilla server, so this wouldn't be ideal..
  6. No.. there are plugins made for sitting down in stair blocks.
  7. Technically you could just summon invisible minecarts in all stairs, major lag tho because of all the stairs
  8. Would it not be possible for Aikar to add a "Chair-stair" crafting recipe for placeable stair-blocks intended to work as chairs? Say, something like the usual stair recipe but with a minecart or boat in the lower-right corner. These blocks would be distinct from structural stairs in the code, so you wouldn't have random hobos showing up on your doorstep constantly. (Oh, and ideally less lag too)

    Bad idea just converting every stair to a seat, obviously, but I like the idea of making furniture (that doesn't involve weird bulky work-arounds like minecart seats).
  9. -1

    This would not only require more plugins, and adding/manipulating code to EMC; but it would also require a client-side mod.

    If Aikar/chickeneer/BreezyMan/devteam etc. would make it possible to force players to sit on stair blocks, how would that look?

    If this would only be a per player thing, and no need for it to be visible to other players, then sure.
    But, if you were wanting for this to be visible for all players, that would require a client-side mod to register a custom player model. Just like Smart Moving, there are custom models for the player to show the different stances. The mod wouldn't be able to work if it was server-side.

    Making a crafting recipe is very much possible, but then we go back to the problem with "How will it work?"

    This is also very possible, but let's face it; this is a terrible idea for a Minecraft Server in general. Think about how much lag players get already, but with invisible minecarts everywhere; oh my jeb_!!

    Here is my personal opinion on this:

    This is not really needed. Just look at all of the amazing features and enhancements EMC already has.
    Sorry for the lengthy report, but there ya go.
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  10. Kephras' suggestion seems reasonable, but I still wouldn't really like this.

    May not have been updated in forever, but just to let you know this has been thought about before.
    And if it were added, it would be coded ourselves, don't get why people think we would add a new plugin for it :rolleyes:
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  12. Put a minecart on a stair to make a seat
  13. I use the minecart way but the minecart keeps leaving its place...