SinglePlayer Pixel Art World Mystery

Discussion in 'Miscellaneous' started by _Levy_McGarden_, Aug 21, 2016.

  1. Hello Everyone, Today I Have Some Mysterious News

    So I was deleting all my unwanted singleplayer worlds today and I run across my old pixel art world with some rubbish small pixel art builds. When you go into singleplayer world list u see a lil picture by the side of the name if u know what I mean, and the picture showed what I built. I open the world and it takes a minute to load but when i finally get on all my pixel art was gone and instead in its place were amazing anime girl 3D pixel art builds! I have no idea what happened I was freaking out, not that i lost my builds but how did this show up here!!

    The big question is HOW?!?!?

    After i was out of shock of this i started thinking of all the possible reasons that could happen. A weird glitch :p, I hacked into my computer when i was sleeping with my mind XD, etc...
    Ik no one took my laptop and built this because my 2 sisters were at my fathers, my mom was staying at my aunts helping her with something, and my grandpa has no interest in video games and doesn't know how to play. Then something popped into my mind, for the first time I left my laptop open and running when i went to sleep, so....something or....someone could of used my laptop. What the heck is happening?!?!

    What do u think is happening XD
  2. Im going to do an experiment :p Im going to leave my laptop on and open again tonight and see if anything happens at all. If something does happen ill report that here
  3. Are you sure you got the right world? Those icons don't always show you the exact stuff in your world.

    So my guess would be that the icons went haywire and you ended up in a different world than you expected.
  4. you can chance the icon of SP worlds....dont remember how to, thou. but i do remember doing it once
  5. It might have been your sister/brother.