Single Player Map Project - Dreadfleet

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Do you approve this project?

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  1. First of all, if you don't know what is dreadfleet, click here :)

    The point of this project is to create a PvP map where a lot of people can play enormous naval battles, fighting face to face on the ships or shooting lethal TNT cannonballs to other ships. The idea was inspired by the original PvP "Super Pirate Battle Royale" map. I'll share the map in PlanetMinecraft when it's done so you can enjoy it.

    -There will be a total of 10 ships, each one guarded by 2 small boats; and a lot of islands and decoration, as well as strongholds and underground temples.

    -This thread is for showing the progress of the project and suggest things to help me build the map.
    Feel free to post anything related to Dreadfleet! ;)
  2. ....Lego?....
    Hopefully with this I don't scar my feet from stepping on those ships :p
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  3. Lego what? dreadfleet is a Warhammer game, lol :D
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  4. I wanna play this!
  5. Whenever I search 'Dreadfleet' on google it comes up with a bunch of lego...
  6. Well, believe me when I say it is NOT lego. It is Warhammer.
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  7. First update guys! Today I have finished designing the Heldenhammer, creating skins, making the custom texture pack and I began to build it! Do you like the statue? :) Heldenhammer day 1 #1.png
  8. The original statue:
    Heldenhammer statue.jpg
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  9. Second update! Almost finished the statue! 2012-11-01_16.44.07.png
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  10. Strange that I was the 2nd ''Eclipsys Appproves'' Voter. Who here is trying to steal my identity!!!!!

  11. 1998golfer
  12. I wondered the same when I clicked on the results... Very odd indeed
  13. One arm left! But it is even better than before :) 2012-11-01_18.33.54.png
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  14. I can't wait for this to be finished!
  15. Looks good. The finished product will be amazing!
  16. Nice! Try sending this to the Ares Project!
  17. I don't know what is that. Also, guys, the Heldenhammer is going to be finished soon, I'm working in the cannons mechanism; it's very complicated and I want to do it correctly before uploading more screenshots :)
  18. i cant link it because id be banned for advertising! google project ares mc.
  19. I have designed the majority of the boat! Construction time :D
    Update coming soon