Sincere question: do you find my userbar sig annoying?

Discussion in 'Miscellaneous' started by jaqiefox, Oct 11, 2012.


Do you find my signature in particular annoying/overfilled?

Yes 5 vote(s) 29.4%
No 11 vote(s) 64.7%
I hate all (or most) image filled signatures! 1 vote(s) 5.9%
  1. Or maybe you find image filled signatures annoying in general?

    I'm more asking for those people that don't mind them in general... I am wondering if I have too many bars, or if this looks OK to you?

    If you hate image filled sigs, I do understand... but that is not what I am asking about here. :)


    P.S. for those wondering I did try to keep it not-annoying, by putting two per line and keeping myself to five lines of these tiny userbars instead of putting a bunch of huge images in.
  2. I don't find your signature annoying or "over-filled" as it's neat! It's fine as it is, if you started putting random gifs all over your signature that would be another story but the one you currently have is fine :D Too me it looks fine ;)
    One question though; Why is your signature based on computer hardware?
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  3. Because PC hardware is my obsession in life. I have other interests, but this is the big one by a huge margin.

    Also... there are ten images there, not one. >.>
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  4. I think it's too "busy". It's a distraction to me. I don't dislike image signatures in general, however.
  5. Hm, you do have a point. how many rows do you think I should narrow it down to?
  6. Fine as it is, after all its your signature not someone else's :)
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  7. I gave you my opinion, as you asked for it, but I'm not saying it should actually matter to you what I think. It's clearly within the size limits of the EMC forums, and as far as I know, there's no rule against your signature, so if it really bothered me that much, I could just turn forum signatures off entirely in my preferences.

    I can't really think of a number of rows that would somehow make it better for me. It also seems to grow on me a bit, I don't dislike it as much as I did initially now. I don't think you should care that much what I think anyway, and so ultimately, I agree with ZBSDKryten :p:

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  8. actually, now call me crazy, but when a small forum i used to be a part of started to use the bars, and their signatures became to full, they just had a small .gif slide show instead. Even simple things like wipes and fades. Took out the clutter, but still showed off the stats.
  9. Okay. You are crazy.
  10. lol indeed. Was that more because of what I said? Or were you calling me crazy because of the post...
  11. It's not annoying, also because (correct me if I'm wrong) you can only have a certain height on your sigs on EMC.
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  12. Haha, I just took what you said, quoted part of it out of context, and acted on it literally. :p I don't actually know you well enough to make that judgement call for real.
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  13. I think the username "crazy1008" will now fit you well.
  14. I disable gif animation in my browser as a matter of course because of all the annoying ads out there. FYI I also disable flash with flashblock.
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  15. I think it looks good actually, although IMO it would look better if they were centred.
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  16. thats fine and well, i understand the reasoning. Just a suggestion.
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  17. point taken, will do!
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  18. I don't think that 10 bars are too many, what i find most distracting is that they seemed a bit jumbled together.
    I'm not sure if you arranged them in a particular fashion according to a certain criteria, but personally i would find it less distracting and more professional if they were arranged in a more harmonious manner with similar colours near each other. :)

    Here is an example of what i suggest:

  19. Wouldn't it make more sense to use something like AdBlock to remove ads specifically, and let acceptable gifs and flashes work? Just throwing that out there... because that's what I do. :p

    Wow, that really makes a difference! Much less busy and distracting. Excellent observation, there.
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  20. Sr. Staff... /Curious Color Coordinator.