Since when is "abusing the report system" a bannable offense?

Discussion in 'Empire Help & Support' started by 555NY, Oct 3, 2012.

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  1. Just wondering... it doesn't say so in the Guide, and there is no specific definition of abusing it, so why get banned for it?
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  2. It falls under being disruptive. The report system isn't a toy and when we get false and random reports that aren't legitimate, it takes our time up which could have been served on a a legitimate concern for another member. Hope this helps.
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  3. It is annoying, and wastes the moderators time. Also, it's likely you were trying to get someone banned. I think it would be a temp ban in this case, I'm guessing, since a friend of mine was temp banned for this.
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  4. I got kicked once for reporting someone for reporting someone when this was wrong its because I was reporting someone for trying to scare someone todo something because they thought they did something wrong and were going to /report them so I thought it was a true report
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  5. Actually, Maxarius was banning a bunch of people for this. So I reported ISMOOCH for "abuse of the banning system" as a joke, because i thought i read ISMOOCH was the banner, but anyhow, Max banned me 2 seconds later for 2 days
  6. Think of it this way: if you prank call a police station, they will look into the case, while somebody could have been gunned down and dying and they don't have time for it because they're looking for a false case.

    You abuse the report system just because you don't like somebody and just want to get them banned, is the same. The mods will look into it, while a griefer could be getting away with torching someone's residence.
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  7. Well, now you know that our report system isn't a "joke". :)
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  8. Oh well, it's only two days. Was it worth it?
  9. I guess I do
  10. well, I'm still contemplating that
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  12. Its like prank calling 911, if you do that, someone could be dying while you have fun, and you'd get punished for it.
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  13. I agree with the 911 call thing. But one problem that i have seen happen, is that the moderators have not been on when a bad situation like that is happenning. I don't blame the moderators, but sometimes they ban people for minor offenses after a bigger offense has already been done and unpunished.
  14. Understand, we have lives and are doing other things besides EMC.

    When we do get on our PC and get on EMC/Square, if we see this "minor offense", of course we are going to punish it,
    but, if that "major" offense happened before we got on, its a gigantic leap in seeing it as it relies on reports.

    Then when it comes to reporting, theres tons of factors that could tie into why it wasn't handled yet:
    1) The user may of not even been reported! This is a major problem we experience all the time. People simply don't get reported when they break the rules
    2) The report backlog may be congested. This means it takes more than 1 report to make the report stand out over the others. Fake reports contribute to this problem.
    3) The mod may have simply not gotten to the report back log, or may only be on for a short moment so not bothering with the log at this time. Just because we are online does not mean we are 100% dedicated to reports...

    So please, do not take these situations as "moderators letting people by".

    some situations are simply timed different and come with different results. It is life and can not be changed easily.

    No matter how much we try, we will NEVER be at a point that someone can reliably be on 100% of the time. Moderators do not get paid for their help, so they are not obligated to be on.

    Please just /report and they will be taken care of eventually.
  15. like i said, i don't blame them for being on, but sometimes when a moderator is on, they don't do anything if we report someone.
  16. If one person isn't banned right on the spot, don't you think they will still get punished?
    *Another analogy*
    If a robber robs a bank and isn't caught, don't you think they will get caught soon?
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  17. But as I said in my post, just because they are online doesn't mean they are monitoring Square.

    Sometimes mods are having a bad day and just want to play the game for an hour without any frustrations, and dealing with reports while in a bad mood isnt something we want staff to do either...

    Just cause they are online doesn't necessarily mean "active duty".
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  18. Also, sometimes they go do something and get side-tracked. I remember a time when Max was on smp5 for ~1 hour without saying anything. Based off of her comment of "Oh my gosh!", we all assumed she had forgotten she was still on:p Staff, just like "normal" players, are allowed to go AFK too, right?:)
  19. Well I think everything that needs to be said is on here and is starting to repeat itself. Close the thread?
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