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  1. What smp do you guys think I should start on? I was on smp3 for the full year and a half since I originally began, and I gotta say it's a bit ... well, you all know. So I was wondering which smp would be better suited for an older player like myself?

    P.s. I currently have 4 residences from back when I was a diamond supporter, if I abandon those 4, will I then only be able to claim 1 since I am no longer a supporter? Or will I not lose my 4 claims?
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  2. You will be able to claim two residences. Previous (gold+) supporters get one permanent extra residence.
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  3. Smp5! We got chins!
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  4. I abandoned both of my residences, and now I only have one. What went wrong, do you know?
  5. Do /res. It'll tell you how many residences you have, any how many slots you have available. It should say 1/2...
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  6. smp4 is a nice quiet server not too much drama (my home server ^.^), smp2 often makes me grin; theyre funny sometimes ^.^

    smp8 is weird, but in a good way!
  7. I have done so -- I have "1/1".
  8. Smp9! Peaceful but weird!
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    Try messaging Krysyy and getting it worked out. :)
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