Simple Job

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  1. The job i have for whoever is willing to take it is: Breaking some dirt. You're probably like, "Dirt!? I ain't no dirt digger!" But I'm paying 125r to break dirt, and its not that much dirt either. Its an easy way to make rupees if you're new.;)
  2. How much Dirt is it?
  3. I made a platform in the sky of dirt for wool farm, but the entity limit thing made no use of the dirt so i need it gone. I can't tell how much dirt it is because i didn't count it, but I'd say a couple stacks.
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  4. Sounds like a good job :)
    On which server is it?
  5. It's 15182 on smp7. If you came now, that'd be great.
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  6. Just read the thing i said to you 1 min ago ingame :)