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  1. As I've been waiting for Sim City 5 to get some improvements, I've taken up Sim City 4 again, which is very easily the best game in the series. So far I've made my first "successful" city, Grand City.

    34K population with no health problems and little crime. Most citizens work commerical jobs, but there is a sizable industrial workforce, mostly made up of manufacturing and high tech jobs, with a few small "dirty industry" and two small farms. There is a great transit system made up of buses, subways, and monorails. There is an airport, three train stations (One passenger, one freight, and one hub) that so far go to a second, less developed city called Fox Cove.

    I'll update this thread with my region progress as I build it, and if you want, you can share your cities/regions too. :)
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  2. I think ts safe to say its a city now..

    114K population, 31K commerical jobs and 11K industrial jobs. Some people work jobs that aren't counted into those two, such as working at hospitals/fire stations/police stations or work out of town.
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  3. That's a pretty cool city. I got SimCity 5 for christmas and can't stop playing it :p

    And I don't get why people are constantly complaining about it, it seems pretty good to me.
  4. Most of the problems with the game are gone, most people now have problems with region play and the size of the city plots, which are around the size of a medium city plot in SC4. I don't have a problem with it, just need to update the game again, which I've had some problems with because it tells me I need to be connected to Origin, which I'm sure I am.

    I don't build cities in SC4 like how a lot of people do, which is by planning almost everything and then start building. I just start building stuff, seeing what works and what doesn't, and then start changing stuff. I don't play with any special mods, but I will be downloading NAM, (Network Addon Mod) that puts in a bunch of traffic fixes, along with new street addons, such as roudabouts, that help make traffic work better.
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  5. I've decided that I'm going to make a new region, and try to build cities kind of with a story.

    This is Ward 1809, once known as Green Mountain. The mountains are still green near the small village, but their green not just with grass now, their green with radioactive material.

    Back in the 1970s, the government of Casa, the region, wanted to make the power grid in Casa government run, so that power would be available for everyone at a lower cost. They chose a location surrounded by mountains, in hopes that if anything did go wrong, the mountains would hopefully stop some of the radiation from spreading. Things did go wrong during a test at the Green Mountain Nuclear Power Plant in 1975, which caused a meltdown that made almost all of the town and the surrounding countryside uninhabitable. Luckily, the mountains did stop the fallout from spreading, which stopped what could have been the most serious disaster to ever happen. Now, Green Mountain, now called Ward 1809, is looked after by the government and is a no-go zone. The government is trying to clean it up, but its suspected that people won't be allowed to live in this area for at least a thousand years.
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  6. In the 1990s, the Casa government, still believing access to cheap electricity is a basic human right, tried this again, this time in the small village of Rolling Hills.

    This time, they decided that nuclear power is not the way to go, and decided to build a hydrogen power plant. It costs more, but is cleaner, safer, and produces more power than nuclear.
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  7. Down the highway from Rolling Hills is Morvan.

    Morvan gets its name from the Uinosto, a native people from the area, word. Morvan in their language means "Water that is warm". The town sits on Lake Morvan, which is called Lake Morvan because the water is warm almost all year round, due to a lava "pool" that sits under the lake. This pool luckily can't erupt, so the town is safe from that. Morvan is so far the largest town in the region, with 2K sims living in it. It of course gets its power from the Rolling Hills Hydrogen Power Station.
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  8. This is so far my region.

    Royberg will be the biggest town in the region, at least for now, but I haven't started it yet, just terraformed and put a highway in. The city will be "split" in half by the mountain that runs through it, and there are tunnels to get to the other side. I don't have a fancy story for it yet.

    Also, there is more city "plots" in the region, this is just the area I'm working on.

    Oh, and the three small plots around Ward 1809 are part of the no-go zone, and no towns/cities will be built there.
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  9. What are city plots? You can build anywhere, right? Or is it just that you can give each plot a specific name?
  10. The outlines are city boundaries.
  11. Lol, i spend most of my time in 6 grade playing sims city 4, my city was called Indiapolis, it haved like 110K, and it only take me 1 week to make that.
  12. could I post my simcity 5 stuff here :p
  13. The problem is the fact that you must be connected to the internet in order to play, which I find to be total crap. Not to mention that it's run by EA servers *shivers*
  14. Lol, I am satisfied with simcity 3000 world edition for now:p
  15. Royberg has been started.

    Royberg is the capital of New Victoria, the "province" that Royberg, Morvan, Rolling Hills, and War 1809, along with some other not started towns are in. Royberg sadly has lots of unemployment, due to a market recession in the early 80s. Most of New Victoria has recovered, but due to Royberg's jobs mostly being commercial, which is where the recession really hit hard, its lower to middle class residents haven't fully recovered from it. There demand for residential zones is high, but the demand for commercial and industrial is low, which is making Roybergs recovery slower.
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  16. Yup... I need to buy this game and do a lp... For the hell of it.

  17. Open Fields in a small farming town. It is New Victoria's main food producer. It has a small population of roughly 900 people. Most people work on the farms, but some work in the few shops or in Royberg, which is nearby.
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  18. This is Clearview, the capital of Casa. Clearview is located on this biggest plot in Casa, which is next to New Victoria. Clearview is also its own "micro province" as the government wanted the capital to be a special zone. Clearview is different than most cities in Casa, because it has its own power plant. The government wants Clearview to have its own power plant due to how important the city is to the government, as it is, the government. The plot is so huge, I needed to take three different screenshots to cover the city. The city is no where near done.

    This is the industrial zone

    Also in this zone is Forest Land International Airport, (FLIA) a freight train station, and the city's own power plant.

    This is the commercial zone

    This is where the majority of shops and offices are, but high density residential is also zoned here.

    This is the residential zone

    The majority of homes are located here, along with a few low density commercial zones.

    The city is nearing 100K residents.
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  19. I've added a new part to the industrial area.

    This is a high tech zone. The reason there is a bunch of parks and green spaces is because high tech industry will only develop if the area has a high land value and low pollution, which the parks/green spaces help with.
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  20. This is Fort Spector, a small town that is home to Casa's main military facility's. There is an army base, a airforce base, a missile launch site, and a toxic waste dump. There is also a small civilian landing strip, which is so far the second airport in Casa. (The airforce base is not counted as a airport, as neither tourists or business people can arrive from it.)
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