Silly Question on Nether in EMC

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  1. So, I have heard a bunch of different things on the Nether to EMC. In single-player, every block in the Nether is 8 blocks in the Overworld. However, on EMC, I thought that I read that it was only a 3 to 1 ratio. However, someone recently told me that it is still 8 to 1, and I know it is 1 to 1 in the Wastelands. I have been searching around on some pages in the wiki, but I can't find it. Does anybody know? Thanks! -Hashhog3000
  2. 8-1 in frontier 1-1 in wastelands :)
  3. Eeew, 1-1 in wastelands? that sucks :) can't fast travel through the waste then.. well.. not easily anyway.
  4. I think the idea behind it is since the Wastelands is restricted in size, and reset frequently, there's really no need to travel distances longer than 5k.
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  5. How big is it again?