Silks Mega Mall /v 13131 smp6

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  1. I have a well stocked Mega Mall on smp6 at /v 13131
    The mall is well stocked with many items from:-
    Plants to blocks and beacons to enchanted armour.
    There is also an enchanted tools and weapons section.

    There is also a selection of 1.9 blocks and items.
    Up to 4 DC's of Blocks like obsidian, 8 DC's of stone, cobble etc.

    Prices are competitive and popular with other shop owners who use 13131 to restock their own shops so why not come take a look around.
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  2. Bumpings is we
  3. very nice mall, I shop there quite a bit, Recently i haven't done to much shopping cause i have a storage room that's filled with way to many blocks... XD i miss spending r D: Will be there soon, But i do recommend checking out this mall!
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  4. Thanks for your support and nice comment
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  5. Silk's been on a spending spree sinking 2.9mill rupees into investment products to help the longevity of the mall i.e perm res vouchers and is now feeling a lot poorer in the process but hey that's what we do buy and sell.

    So if you looking to support a mega mall then why not try /v 13131 smp6 if you belong to another server you can use /vault to move your goods between servers.

    This is a buy and sell mall so while you may want to buy some items but may not have enough rupees then simply sell the items you have to much off or do not need, please be mindful though I do not buy everything so check out the shop first.

    Have fun
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