Silk Touch Pickaxe Needed, Free Glass

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  1. Hey everyone, some may remember some weeks ago i asked for about 17 stacks of glass. Well, i finished my project :D but my sheep (they were inside the glass "cages") were escaping and despawning. I need to get rid of that glass because im need that space now. If someone has a SilkTouch Pick, feel free to tell me, and i will let you break the glass (with silktouch, glass doesn't dissappear), and keep all of it. As I said, it is about 17 STACKS OF GLASS, and it is A LOT of money. I spent around 1000 RUPEES buying all the glass ;)

    Thanks :D
  2. if i had it id let you because i need silktouch because i need ores for my floating islands
  3. Yeah but a Silk touch pick is over 8k.
  4. [
    I thought of that, but you can just take a little bit ;)
  5. I have one at 4007 SMP2, in case anyone wants to use it :)
  6. If you still need this taken care of in a few hours when I am available, I could bring mine over and help you out.
  7. Alex, what do you have? :)
  8. Can you go collect me ores for my floating island chack my threas for how many I need
  9. Thankws Sephiroth! I would really appreciate that :)
    I will be online two or three hours from now ;)
  10. I've popped on to see where you're at, and the Empire states you haven't been on for 16 18 hours. When would be the best time to do this?
  11. I'm sorry i couldn't log in :/ my network stoped working :(
    I will log in an hour or two ;)
  12. sephirothws do you have any ores for sale
  13. I have some for sale
  14. What do you need?