My Floating Island Progress

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Do you like it??

Yes 6 vote(s) 75.0%
Could be better- if you pick this tell me what i should do 0 vote(s) 0.0%
No 2 vote(s) 25.0%
  1. hey guys and girls,

    Its tclementi1 here and i would like to get you comments and ratings of my floating island i will be posting screenshots of the progress i have made it into 7 steps

    Step 1 : Build Base -incomplete
    Step 2: Fill in base-incomplete
    Step 3: Make Caves with ores and bridge-incomplete
    Step 4: start on top layout and basic construction-incomplete
    Step 5: Finish top block construction section-incomplete
    Step 6: Add Decoration to top Trees, bushes,flowers, etc.-incomplete
    Step 6: Build Water /pool/fountain Thing(need ideas for what to build)-incomplete
    Step 7: Any More Ideas??????
  2. i also need to buy ores so whoever sells them speak up-thanks
  3. 2012-04-03_17.46.23.png part one almost complete for first island
  4. You should have water falls coming off of it
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  5. that would be would i stopit from flowing down all the way
  6. Water slide to get down to the main land. A water slide worth going on it :D
  7. /res set waterflow false I guess.
    Then place all source block
    then set it to true. Then a momont later turn it to false before it goes all the way down. :)
  8. The water slide sound sick and the water thing would be cool but for multiple water falls it wouldn't work because you would only be able to do one unless you had like 3-4 people helping you and they all put it down at one
  9. You can set it to false before placing source block. when you are ready you set the flag to true. It will fall down all at once. ;)
  10. DIY a one deep hole where the water ends
  11. See its above my shop so can like flow the water to make a water roof BOSSSSS!!!
  12. I just hope the new update doesn't add gravity to the game... :p
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  13. Reminds me very much of the book "The Floating Islands". While I know, this could take a while, in the end I think it'd look cool with multiple islands. :D
  14. its gonna have 3
  15. How big will each Island be? And do you plan on separating what each Island will have? Like, home on one, store on one, etc?
  16. it will be epic in the end three to four floating island all interlinked by bridges with waterfalls off sides with caves with bridges interlinking islands with a waterfall on one and on the other a little house
  17. So, it's more of a design and nature look than a economic or homing benefit? I absolutely love the idea, so congratulations. As I said, reminds me of a great book. :)
  18. thanks its gonna look sick i want it to look like avatar floating mountains -in a much smaller scale

    COAL : 50
    AZUL: 20
    DIAMONDS: 15
    GOLD :20
    also if you would like to donate any materials or anything -everything will be apreciated

    thanks, tclementi1
  20. I can supply the iron ore for 6-7 each