Silk Touch I Iron Pickaxes, ender chests, book and quill

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  1. Hurray at last 1.3 mc, took its time getting out of its shell but its here now and at last I can sell all the items I have had in storage :D.

    So at the moment I have: -
    Ender chests
    Book and quill
    Eye of Ender
    Blaze Rods
    Ender Pearls
    Also fresh in Silk Touch Iron Pickaxes
    I have large quantities of these items so buy as many as you like :D I will mind

    My shop can be found at 843 smp1
  2. One more thing the silk touch pickaxes are 1k each :D
  3. what are all the enchantments on the silk touches
  4. That is the enchantment (silk touch 1) you can only get a 1 with silk touch
  5. no others?
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  6. Pricelist on the thread will be wonderful =)
  7. how much are the enderchests?
  8. Silk touch 1 iron pickaxe 1k each
    book and quill 25r
    ender chest 140r
    but check out the shop for other prices these are what I can remember of the top of my head