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  2. I thought that you were ill or saw something gross when I saw the title.
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  3. Lol. Yea, I poorly chose the title....
  4. :p
  5. Didn't know it exited :p
  6. Went to and typed in dubstep, and it popped up lol.
  7. My favorite artist right now is Savant. Check out his tunes!
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  8. Listened to "Bad Baws" It is siiiick!


    is a good one as well
  9. I can see where that one would be pretty boss for endermen. It's trippy and suits them well.
    Personally I've been hunting down decent mix compilations on youtube for my wubz, but this one in particular stands out.

    What can I say, I'm a sucker for breathy female vocalists.