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  1. Hey Guys it's Zaccyboy23 here i was just wondering how do you get moving signatures?? Like SquiggleyJeff has 1 and i've asked multiple times but never got an answer please help me on this i really want 1 Thanks! :D
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  2. If you want animated writing, look up 'cool text'. Really good website if you make a button or logo. There should be a font which is on fire, which is pretty cool.
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  3. Just use a gif as your sig
  4. Thanks BeKaLuSa!!
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  5. What's Gif Jimbo?
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  6. A gif is an image format....
    My sig is a gif I found and I thought was cool!
  7. Yeah that is pretty cool!
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  8. I've got 2 new signatures!
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  9. I love them!
  10. I am making one for my mall...
    But first I need to finnish the mall :(
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  11. I really like your Zombie 1 Jimbo its so ya know cool! It's not every day you see a Zombie playing Billards! :D
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  12. Like My ASDF Movie one?
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  13. It's cool...
    That reminds me of when I was 8 and that bit made me crackup so bad!
    I still laugh at asdf at 13!
  14. Heheheh!!! Its awesome!
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  15. I'm not too sure if it's just me, but I can only see the first image in your signature... The other one is appearing to me as a corrupt file link...
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  16. Same for me.

    I got the wonderful LZBZ_DW to make my signature, but he has quit, or left for a while, one of those. :)
  17. But how did he do it?
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  18. It's just a 3D animation rendered into a gif. If you're asking how he made the 3D animation, that's a bit more complicated. :p
  19. Cinema 4D or blender :)
  20. One of your images is broken...

    He used Cinema 4D. Something that's less complicated is Mine-imator, a 3D Animation maker made specifically for Minecraft.