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  1. So I used to do a lot of custom siggys for people I played online games with.I haven't really touched photoshop or for at least 6-7 months or more to do any sort of editing.So I'd figured I post some of mine and maybe some people can give me some suggestions or requests.Kinda just looking for some inspiration atm.
    These are some old requests I made with paint.

    One I'm just testing some stuff with photoshop currently
  2. What random inspiration looks like.
  3. What I'm doing is just crafty editing.I have to use renders as a base cause I can't draw myself.If I was a artist I would've attempt on my own before trying to commission one from the EMC community.
  4. Fair enough :p Still, you should do some EMC inspired crafty editing!
  5. I could look about for some minecraft renders and whip something up.
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  6. I never new A.I's could draw...

    Could you make me one of a Sten gun?
  7. A.I's can draw...
  8. Well... If you could, can you make, like, some sort of cool graphic of my motto: "I can do this, it ain't rocket surgery.", like, say, that written on a rocket with a scalpel stuck into it? I'm an OK graphics artist, but I can't photoshop worth a crap XD
  9. I couldn't really find a good sten gun render or think of anything to do with it.