Any artists?

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  1. I'd like to request a female anthropomorphized personification of EMC.A 5k rupee prize.
    Example of what I mean:
  2. i see this.. and i notice the hair pin, and im like 4chan? then i see the colors and then im like Google?
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  3. Its supposed to be windows 7.
  4. We have to have at least some artists in EMC.
  5. Well I'm guessing no one is interested.
  6. I could make something for you, I just don't get the context of it...
  7. "If EMC was a cute little anime girl,what would she look like?"
  8. Ok i will try my best.
  9. I wish I saw this sooner!

    I'll take up your offer SWM. Will I have creative power over this, or are there certain specific features you'd like?

    I'm not overly talented, but I'll be sure to give you something :)
  10. Mostly just want it EMC themed to use as my avi and stuff.
  11. I'll start it tomorrow. Would you like it to be a full-body?
  12. If you could do a full body and one like my current avi I'd throw in abit extra.
  13. Okay, so I sketched a rough draft for her head on a sticky note during work. Tell me what you think.

  14. I like it lol
  15. I hope you're not just sparing my feelings. This is your future avi after all... and it's kind of like a commission too, except with virtual money rather than the real stuff. If you have an idea, I'd like to hear it, seeing how this female personification of EMC is just in her early stages.

    Anyways, as promised, I played with the concept a little during school. Ignore the little tidbits of criticism, that's just me suffering for my art :p. Not entirely sure what to do about the clothes right now, just kind of got a rough, basic idea of what it might look like.

    Link/Progress so far:
  16. No I really do like it,Though the boobs and facial shape do seem kinda awkward atm.With the clothes a t-shirt with EMC on it should work and pants or a skirt would go well.Also there is no need to rush on it, I'm not impatient despite what some might say about me.
  17. Reworked her image a bit. I'm not going to go for anything too complicated. But I did make her forehead too high in relation to the size of her bangs and her eyes... not sure what happened there. Oh well, I'll probably fix those things tomorrow.

    Thoughts? Feelings? I want to be sure this is perfect before I start to run it through GIMP.
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  18. An AI should never be impatient. Y'all can just run other subroutines and algorithms while you bide your time for total world domination.