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  1. Hello All!
    I am now making basic signatures for you all to enjoy.
    All signatures are 250 rupees! Please pay when you are satisfied!
    Just do a basic description and I will make a 600x150 pixel signature.
    (For reference that is the size of mine.)

    This OP will be updated as needed!

    Chief McCloud.png
    Kytula.png Lockdown32.png
  2. I want one, could it Be blue with my family emc face, the jello thing
  3. If you can write a basic a description I can make you one!
  4. Yeah I'm had to reread it?.?
  5. I'm sorry?
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  6. Wolffpack58.png
    There you go!
  7. I think it's very good how you try to build up a bit of a portfolio before charging payment.
  8. I won't charge to much, I enjoy the challenge of this too.
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  9. OOO I need one! Could it have a nice vibrant background, and then say "Support the Empire, Buy War Stamps Today!"
  10. Would vibrant be like this: ?
  11. I can't see that :p I was thinking like a nice yellow maybe?
  12. Could I get one?

    Chum's Gear Shop /v 10941

    With my chum head and some diamond gear.
  13. Chief McCloud.png

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  14. AWESOME Excuse the caps please. Thanks!
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  15. Could I get one? Could it have my name and my head next to it along with 6591 SMP3. Thanks! :D
  16. I will work on it when I return from some doctors appointments!
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  18. Lockdown32.png


  19. Could I please order one:
    Can I provide the background image?
    Also, could it say,
    H24 Mall
    /v +H24
    With my Joker face on the left and a diamond pickaxe on the right?