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  1. NOTE: This idea was inspired by

    So I thought that shop signs could use a new form of payment besides rupees. I won't really go into that but here's the thing:

    On a shop sign where you type B 15:S 10 or whatever, you could use B 10xp:S 5xp which would basically transfer 10 of your xp levels to the shop owner if you bought the item, and give you 5 of the shop owner's levels if you sold the shop an item. Thoughts?
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    Could've posted this in that thread really..

    And no, I'm not in favor of this idea. The owner would be out of XP levels way too fast, and really, it's not needed... :/
  3. The owner could always make a sign like B 10xp:S 100 if he'd rather buy items for rupees and sell them for XP.
  4. Maybe later.....way later aikar could implement this, but there's a lot going on with the dragon tombs, 1.6, and that sort of thing.
  5. I agree, but maybe he could implement it after all the 1.6 work is finished?
  6. I dunno.. Making XP sellable will do things with our rupees that we may not like.. :/
  7. Endertopia, grinders, etc will unbalance this. I say no. The current economy is great; we don't need multiple currencies.
  8. Oh lord, you said the e word, now you have summoned the one with 72 volts...
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  9. Even thou I must admit that this idea is very creative, there are a few downsides which you didnt mention yet;

    lets say 9000mall buys stacks of wool for 80r and sells them for 84.
    if a customer would buy the stack of wool using xp, the mall would lose 80r, by not making the rupees back.

    also, the efficiency of earning and using xp is variable to some extend.
    if you would buy a stack of wool for lets say 30levels, that would sounds great right?
    but what if I was lvl 70 already? would I really want to get more xp then?
    getting your level higher then 30 is a waste of time. it takes longer to level but you can't do anything with 30+lvls.

    i like the creativity of this idea
    Shops would miss out on the rupees where they once bought the items for
    Getting your lvl higher then 30 is waste of time, therefor this idea can not be profitable as it is right now.

    I am open for a discussion as I like how you thought 'out of the box'
    *looks at minecraftscreen* puntastic!
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  10. Well said! :)
  11. Yeah, Aikar is working on fixing that bug.
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  12. The thing about 30+ levels being a waste, kinda puts a limit to the XP trade, doesn't it? Since most people would only bother trading away 30 levels, and going back to the grinder takes time which would technically put a semi-limit on it. Though /v endertopia defeats that..

    About the loosing 80r wool thing, a shop owner doesn't necessarily have to support xp trading if they don't want to. If they just want to get rupees and that's it, they can do that and not include the "xp" in their shop sign. If people don't want to grind for their levels or are at a point where getting levels is tough (75+) then they can include xp in their shop for levels that they don't have to spent potentially hours grinding for. That's their own decision and it will cost them the value of the item they are selling.

    Summing up that paragraph; including xp in shops is 100% optional and is good for people that have levels that are tough to get. (75+)
  13. it sounds cool and all but the money is no longer in the community
  14. Well, in response to this, there would be too much currency "floating" around which could cause inflation, and prices to rise to an all time high. And rupees shops to go to an all time low. People can easily get xp, this is something that wouldn't exactly work with the way our current economies work. Also, the economy should always be positive. With this, there is a possibility to have banks (to store your xp) and loans and stuff, which could not ever end well...
  15. There is already a built in shop for XP usage, it's called anvils and enchantment tables. It's not even that xp is hard or to hard to get, because those that get a lot xp by grinding are no different than those that obtain wealth by playing the rupee game.

    There will never be a second currency to purchase the same materials officially introduced to EMC, but if you look at it correctly, XP is a built in currency. Used to purchase enchantments.

    Also, I am not saying they will never be another currency in EMC, but it will never be used to purchase the same things rupees can purchase.

    BUt look at it like two separate currencies for two separate trades.

    Rupees: mined/crafted products
    XP: Enchantments

    Introducing a currency to do the same thing as another currency is confusing and complicates a pretty simple system.

    EDIT: May be recommending a way to turn XP into rupees would be a better suggestion. I.E. a command that creates xp bottles that can be sold with exact levels, like a (lvl 30 vial) and then bam, a currency exchange.

    FOrm that into a cool well thought out idea, and you have my attention.
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