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Good Idea?

Yes 4 vote(s) 28.6%
No 4 vote(s) 28.6%
Could use some more things to it (yes) 6 vote(s) 42.9%
  1. Well I had this idea, it's where you can purchase items with exp levels. It's possible because I've seen it on mini games throughout minecraft . Now it wouldn't be like get good items with just only 30 levels. It would be a challenging type of currency . You can get great equipment like enchanted stuff for let's say 100-500 exp levels. Now this makes the items less limited out there.

    Pros: get unmatched equipment by earning it with your saved up exp levels.
    A new way to sort of make your rupee

    Cons: people with alts or more than one alt can make this a factory type business and collect 500' levels on multiple accounts at once thus getting everything without really earning it :(

    Now to put this to perspective , your first 50 levels take around 45mins to an hour depending on how you get your exp. 50-100 took me 2-3 hours. And it gets slower as your levels rise. So getting 500 levels is no easy cookie. You are looking at 3-5 days non stop grinding if you were to really go for an item. This will fan out many people into even getting them. Thus making these collectables, items of champions :)

    Now this is just a idea in its most basic form . It has alot to be edited and added onto. Post your opinion or a possible addiction to it.
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  3. 50 levels does not take 45 minute with a grinder... :p I like the idea but I just don't know if this will work out.

    Being able to transfers exp level to other players might be another good idea to add to this :D kinda.
  4. I put that in terms of your average player who does not use a grinder. It takes me like 10 minutes but still
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  5. I got to 150 on my alt. I was grinding for maybe 9 hours not counting breaks. 9 hours is alot longer than it seems.
    I like this idea as these items could be special or normal/semi-rare items for levels also.
    Maybe something like 100 levels for a wither head.
    Or 200 for a beacon. What did you have in mind South? Enchants?
  6. 500 levels for a ultra rare item, like the "Momentus's toothpick" or "Mairlax's Bow" would parbly do.
    Edit-Also, you can purchace rupees for levels and levels for rupees!
  7. No, I don't want direct conversions of levels to rupees or rupees to levels, and I don't want the already made items from rare bosses to be apart of this concept.
  8. Sounds cool, but, I would recommend to get some moderator input on this, and ask others to add more onto it, like such items as, and what is a good estimate of how much xp they would cost, etc. :)
    Now, I would think that instead of getting armor enchanted with this sort of shop, I would say perhaps enchantment books, because, you would still need to gather resources to enchant the tools.
  9. Small explenation of the difference between these threads for those who didn't read both:
    xHaro's idea is basically selling to playershops via Xp as a currency.
    It involves changing the code for shopsigns.
    southpark347's idea is basically being able to buy special items with high XPlevels from /shop (if I understand correctly). Basically implementing special items with the ability to buy it in /shop with lvl100 for example.

    Also, I fully agree with southpark347 on the fact that I don't want direct conversions of levels to rupees or rupees to levels. We have EXPbottles, enchanted books and the enchantingtablelvl's went from 50 to 30. Please don't nerf it again :p
  10. Well currency is an idea. If you have two " ideas ", one would be more recommended than the other and would eventually destroy the rupee and/or exp system.
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  11. Wonder how you got this idea.... Not like you were at endertopia getting 100 levels for no reason cause you were bored :p
  12. Yes it's supposed to be a /shop addition, this will not be a player set up chest at all...
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