Shut up and take my money...

Discussion in 'Miscellaneous' started by synth_apparition, Oct 28, 2012.

  1. I like the Piggies.
    Link to where you can buy them?
  2. I don't know xD I think it's made in Japan...Japan makes weird crap like this...
  3. I want the gravy boat! :D Also the piggies look so cute
  4. It's a boat? I thought it was a squirel
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  5. its called a gravy boat
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  6. I know but like. It would be really weird having gravy poured out of a boat shaped like a squirel
  7. yeah... xD
  8. Haha, I would definitely get the piggies for the bragging right XD.
  9. Piggies!! :D
  10. I want the squirrel gravy boat just to put people off their dinner :p

    And the piggies would be nice, because...Because they're piggies...
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  11. I want the piggies! Find the link...
  12. Okay well after flying to google then having a talk with the Cookie Monster I found the link.
  13. Im going to buy some piggies!
  14. Where's the might pig
    I am sooooo going to buy a set of the pigs