Shows name of placed head

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  1. Maybe if you place, say my head. When somebody looks at my head a Name Tag appears with my namme on it. It is pretty muc h labeled placed heads.
  2. I really like that idea, I don't think it would be hard to implement...
  3. I have one I renamed to "Tiger Mask." Would be fitting to see that pop up as well.
  4. Ehh, it wouldn't be easy though. That kinda thing has been done with animals and other entities. But The player heads are blocks. I can't think of any blocks that show a tag like that when you look at it
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  5. I'm not really a coder but i think it would cause unneeded lag on Emc server because each head would display a name and over time player heads are going to be great in numbers. Just my thought on this suggestion
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  6. It's not possible, best as my knowledge.
    The nametags are only applicable to entities.
  7. Sure, just make ALL blocks entities, and it would be super easy. Forget Performance
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  8. The walls are mooing! Why are the walls mooing?!?

    I now wish to build a hut entirely out of chickens, just for you.