Show Yourself? I Think So.

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  1. Hey everyone, Clutch here. I realized that when I joined the Empire 165 days ago I hadn't ever posted a "show yourself/introduce yourself" So I thought it would be a good time to do one. :)

    This is me in my natural habitat. My room. I am a 16 year (grade 10) old boy. I look pretty young for my age. I live in a small town in Canada, Ontario to be more specific. I excel in school as well as sports. I am kind of a computer guru.

    10 Fun Facts :)

    I have never NOT been captain of a sports team.
    I hate chocolate
    My name is Josh
    Nachos is my favourite food
    My favourite brand of clothes/shoes is nike
    I am kind of a redstone geek
    I own 4 minecraft accounts
    Favourite music is rap.. Wiz Khalifa, Mac Miller, Eminem etc.
    I have a really bad computer, but I can run minecraft
    I am either asleep, at school, or minecrafting :)

    If you feel interested, add me on skype: I.Clutch.Zombies - My name is Josh Clutch for skype.

    Feel free to follow up by posting your own Show Yourself :)
  2. There is already a thread for this, but it's only for a picture of yourself. I may post mine in a sec, i'm not really... that confident in releasing pictures of myself :p
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  3. I'll fetch the link to the thread for you guys :)
  4. ill be workin on a goofy pic of me wearing my turtle beaches. while recording slender or something loool
  5. I just posted my pic in the show yourself 2.0 few hours ago :p ... if you do want to skype i'm willing :) Caleb-Ferguson (skype username) ... btw i chill on smp2

    p.s. i just ate some nachos a few min ago lol
  6. ICC only made the second thread because the first had gotten too long.
    Maybe, for the same reasons, this can be 3.0?
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  7. Im just like you im not sure about posting pictures on a site where everyone can see me. Only one person on EMC knows what i look like and he is my best friend.....
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  8. I have no shame in showing people how I look. You guys don't judge anyways. My cousin Brooke got married, this was at here rehearsal dinner. The girl in this picture is my sister also. 528627_280708672048851_882295346_n.jpg

    Fun facts time!! I'll give ya'll 5.
    1) I love EMC, The people and staff are amazing, but I no longer play.
    2) I am 15
    3) I am on the debate team, which is a big deal btw..
    4) I am from Alabama, but I currently live in Louisiana.
    5) I love music! I like indie, punk, & pop. :)
  9. Not the most high quality image I found, however it'll do. As Manglex also said, I don't really care what people think ;) its not like I'm going to meet anyone here IRL :p

    Fun Facts:
    -I am not a waffle (shocker)
    -Yes, I in fact have red hair
    -I'm 15 and driving :eek:
    -I love programming/ computer graphics
    -Youtubing is a passion of mine (check out the EGG!)

    -I love watching anime ever since ShadyShannon got me hooked :p
    -I am a Nintendo guy. Don't be hatin'
  10. my mother wont let me
  11. I hate chocolate too.
    I guess we are not really alike, but nice to meet you.
  12. Dont let her know.
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  13. If he's like I was, he'd probably crack and confess what he did.
  14. It's only wrong if you get caught.
  15. That's not exactly true. Is it ok to rob a store as long as you don't get caught? Is it ok to shoot someone if you don't get caught?
  16. Is it ok to take someones cake If you dont get caught?
    Anyways, she only has your best interests in mind.
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  17. I don't want to post a pic of myself because people don't believe I look thirteen :/
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  18. I look a grade level below mine. All I hear is "What is a sixthie doing in the 7th grade hallway?" ._.
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  19. the thing is I've always lived in a place where everyone around me is thinner than me so being tall and being a reasonably tough looking guy is my way to get away from the "bully" types :)
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