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Discussion in 'Miscellaneous' started by IcecreamCow, May 4, 2012.

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  1. my first tattoooo.. 16 years old ^.^
    it's been a little under a year since then.
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  2. You do not understand how much rage I have at you right now.
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  3. biggest pupils eva!!
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  4. Same grandson + daughter's dog - different place (down the pub :))

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  5. They definitely are quite large.
  6. Every year for me
  7. Not just a dog!
  8. Lol... I'm the funniest person in school and only 1 person hates me. But he's one of those really weird aggressive kids... Not mental, he knows what he does.
  9. bog makes me think of this indonesian comic magazine ''Bog Bog''. I always get one when I'm in Bali or Java XD.
    It's like this really dry tourist-inspired sence of humor XD :)
  10. Lol?
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  11. Yeah...
  12. pretty eye ^.^
  13. It's actually a mini schnauzer but good guess ;) and yeah that would be a great idea!
  14. I will show myself. After I take a shower and get a shirt on. -.-
  15. Me and my bro jameskim885are from South Korea
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  16. thats cool :) i was stationed there for a year.. one of my favorite places i have been :)
  17. I am happy that you like that place!

  18. You can all obviously see how photogenic I am.

  19. Thats the Incredible photogenic guy XD
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