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Discussion in 'Miscellaneous' started by IcecreamCow, May 4, 2012.

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  1. Because the file name totally isnt "ryan gosling shirtless crazy stupid love" :p
  2. lol
  3. I am Ryan Gosling lol
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  5. Who remebers that guy who pretended to work for nasa and owned a concept car apparently..
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  6. No. Nintendo DSi. :D
  7. YOU WAS IN A MOVIE? :eek:
  8. G'aah, I need to go find another picture of myself, lol :p All I have right now is me and my ex hugging eachother.

    Edit: Found one, but imgur isn't working :p
  9. You can just post in on FB, and make it "Only Me" set and then copy and paste it
  10. gbgurtdhgftduhyghfjgyjuyj.jpg
    me made on paint in like 50s
    stand in awe at my talent:D
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  11. Not comfortable enough to post a picture of myself... Ill pretend im a kitteh :p DSC00202.jpg
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  12. 469398_4408552658938_1721661698_o.jpeg
    No idea why my hands are where they are in this picture...

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  13. Lol nice message from "<3-Ariel" XD Where is that girl from? She looks incredibly familiar...:confused: Im from MN and i know a girl who seriously looks EXACTLY like her... Shortness and all... Odd!:p
  14. too scared and josh will go all hater mode
  15. Shh its like beetle juice, you say his name too much and he appears :p
    post a pic whileyou can before its too late :p
  16. wheres your picture XD
  17. Lol you mean tclementi1?:p The kid that can never post something useful in any thread?:) The one who is full of "swag(bologna)"?:) Lol you should hear him on the servers, his ego is bigger than Oprah's! ( )

    EDIT: Forgot this! He is one of 621op's bestfriends!
  18. I posted one early on. But here, have two :p

  19. Older Photo. I ride in style. :cool:
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