Show your Pets!!!!

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  1. I wanna see everyone's pets :p so here is a place you can post pictures of you cute (or ugly) pets.

    This is my derpy dog Tybalt aka short cake or Jar Jar binx
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    I also have a beta named Immortal Fish and a big black lab named Hulk but he gets mad when i take his picture >.>
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    My derpy dog :p
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  3. Bastet. She's a *insert word I can't say here* This is the first and only time I've ever had her even be social.
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    She has one only surviving kitten, "Baby Kitty". She's derp as heck and I couldn't get her to stay still.
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  4. Lizards creep me out xD i think it was because when i was little I was at a pet store turn around and BAM iguana in the face
  5. I wish I had a pet to show, parents won't let me have one :(
  6. i keep randomly giggling...
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  7. I've been through that before, so i got a rock xD

    you can post ur minecraft pet too

    Its not funny xD lol because of panda i have problems with fish too yeah I have one but I never touch immortal fish. I also love to eat fish but im not touching a raw one, so when I go fishing i wear gloves lol
  8. my pets are in my sig... PLEASE CLICK THEM
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  10. On a scale of 1 to 10 how much does this lizard creep you out?
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  11. Not what i was talking about but i still hate those things

    omg how big is that :confused: eehhehe its skin is creepy i rate it a 11
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  12. Sorry for the bump, but I feel this thread is still relevant.

    My dog, Molly, on the hunt for the food I have in my hand.

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  13. You know that it said "This thread is very old, and in most cases it is rude to "bump" it again.
    Consider starting a new thread instead.".Anyway here's my lizard: IMG_0642.JPG
    Here's my dog:
  14. Hurrr!
  15. No, they don't. Pets are so 2012.
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  16. Oh right, everyone has virtual pets now...