Show you speical room in your house!

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  1. If you have a speical room in your house here on EMC or on any other server/world, post it here :)
    Here is my room: The bathroom! :D


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  2. pool.png
    Currently, mine is my rooftop swimming pool. Once I finally get around to furnishing my penthouse, then that will be my favorite.
  3. niiiiice :D
  4. Mine is my main room right now. It's all I got but it is still awesome.
    I can't post pics right now, if someone could head over th 7028 on SMP3 and snap some picks of the exterior where the beacons are would be great.
  5. I got some:

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  6. I remember on my old residence I had a secret room with a rollercoaster inside it. I hid the entrance in a fountain that was inside my house. Here's an early pre-rollercoaster picture of it. It used a water elevator as a mode of getting down and up. Wohoo cobblestone room with a dirt ceiling with water coming down from it! EDIT: Found a video showing it!

  7. Hahahahaha

    Well I first red their chat, I just thought anakins comment was funny casue it was random. Now that I read your post, it just got so much better
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  8. Yeah that line is pretty funny :). Now imagine it with a respirator.
  9. Oh, i thought you ment your house IRL lol
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  10. I'm in tears of laughter. My face hurts now.
  11. I dont really have any rooms just large open areas but here is my favorite


    picture of the Underpark.....under my res if that wasnt clear
  12. That video just made my day xD
  13. Anyway, nice bathroom. :p
  14. Lol thanks :p
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  16. Well, the bathroom is one of the most important rooms in the house. Second to my computer room. :p
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  17. images.jpg
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