Show us your Comics and Trading Cards

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  1. Are you into comics or cards? I am. I was wondering who else in the Empire shares my passion.
    Go ahead and show us your collection! I'll start. Here's mine.


    ^ All of my comics at the moment. Each box is full. ^


    ^ My card collection. I won those 1977 Star Wars cards in a costume contest at work. ^
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  2. Now that... That is awesome!

    I've never been a serious collected or hoarder, but I do have a full set of Dr Who Battles in Time trading cards somewhere :p I had to let go of most of my stuff when I had my last clear out, decided it was for the best XD

    As far as trading cards go I have a rather tiny collection of Magic The Gathering cards - but I could hardly call it a collection - I prefer to play instead of letting them sit in boxes and merely don't own enough in comparison to others :p
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  3. I haven't been into a card game, maybe since Yu Gi Oh. But I imagine I might start playing a Bushiroad card game sometime. A lot of the trading cards I'm interested in are either really old and hard to find or foreign, so my collection is growing slowly. I plan on getting another Valiant Era card box soon off of Amazon or something-another to complete the collection. (I need just two more cards.)
  4. I played Magic the Gathering once and was totally hooked, but now I like watching the games.
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  5. I've only seen Magic played once, but I've never seen seen a tournament. I imagine it gets hype. One day, I'd like to go to Friday Night Magic at work.
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  6. I love MTG ^_^ I had thread about it on my old account heh :p

    I play purely for fun with my friends , not competitive bout it at all (Although who doesn't love winning!) although I have played in a Two Headed Giants tournament which was a really great experience - apart from getting thrashed, but we ended up coming somewhere in the middle overall so it was better than last :p
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  7. My two newest additions to my collection. They arrived 10 days before the first expected arrival date from Amazon. :)