Show off your weird abs!

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  1. They don't have to be weird. Just abs. I cannot take a pic at the moment cause I messed up with the marker.
  2. Wait... Take a picture of our abs? As in our rectus abdominis muscle?
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  3. no he means your antilock braking system
  4. Thanks :p It's just so weird, I needed to verify...

  5. not to brag or anything but...
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  6. Oh yea?

  7. Yes
  8. Those are soooo copied of the internet.

  9. I pushed out my diapram to look fatter. I'm actually quite skinny.
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  10. 10/10 It looks like you work out every day! :eek:
  11. I may not be a personal trainer or anything, but I'm pretty sure those abs are drawn the wrong way.
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  12. i think this will be worst(in terms of weirdness) than "smp8, you worry me", if it gets attention from others...
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  13. Why your abs so far up? :p And it looks like its bleeding on the second vertical line. :)
  14. Cuz I can
  15. Hahahahhahahahahahahahahà
  16. I didn't notice..
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  17. My God, he's got the abbest abs in the world!
    He's so muscular his abs are shaped as a hashtag :eek:
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  18. I so much of a sexy beast, they call me the 'ab God'.

    I don't have pics because the 'God' is there for a reason.
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