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  1. Hi guys! Today, I'm making a thread where I give shout outs to all of my fans and people that helped me settle and live in this server. Here we go.

    Number 1: mcbear1o; he is my real life brother and helped me since the beginning and I wanna thank him, love you bro!
    Number 2: CatGirl3456 I know she hasn't been on in a while, but She helped me so much we where the best of friends, Miss you CatGirl!
    Number 3: Rainbowchin; He helped me and tought me a lot of stuff I didn't know back then, Thank you Rainbow.
    Number 4: Aphaea: She helped me and we became friends ammidely, Thank you!!
    Last but not least: ItsMeMathues for supporting my story and saying nice comments along the way, Thank you.

    {SHOUT OUT} Donate to my Mega Mall and SMP2 to get on my Donation wall!
  2. Sorry guys, No Poll on this one.
  3. What about me?
  4. Yͣoͣuͣrͣ nͣoͣtͣ sͣtͣaͣfͣfͣ
  5. Hmm...
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  6. You just became Diamond Supoorter, wow, that;s not a suprisse depending on my comment
  7. I don't believe that 1/2 the people on your list is staff.
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  8. Why you gotta be so rude?
  9. I believe toto was redeeming a voucher last i heard, so this is just a coincidence. And how does being a supporter change anything?:p
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  10. No, it's because voucher claims were just processed after he posted. :)
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  11. no love for MC?
  12. that is kind of classist/colorlist(something like racist but with in game name color)

    staff are just regular players who have stand out to help EMC in a positive way(which i do agree we need to congratulate them) but they are just regular players.(could not find Krysyy quote saying that)

    So basing your opinion on being staff or not is kind of biased. I want to clarify that I'm not against you saying thank you to people and more importantly staff(which we should always do because the server with order and running).On the other hand, I am against discriminating verbally(typed) an EMC member.


    Anyway back to topic:

    I would like to give a shout out to Ultimamaxx, iulti, altimamaxx, and his secret alt(which i know who it is, btw i do not know if this is still secret) all of these are the same person,btw... because he has helped me supported me, and been always beside me in all my EMC life

    I would also give a shout out to Sgt_Pepper##(lol don't remember them) because he has put great effort on putting an amazing bulk shop on smp8 (/v +bulk)

    I would like to give a shout out to the SMP8 community because they have always been weird enough for me, jk. they they have always brought interesting(weird) topics into the chat, and we always help each other when someone need help.

    I would also like to give a shout out to the staff because as i said before, they keep order and run this amazing server. thanks! and they host amazing and fun events

    thanks aikar, chickeneer, and just_five fun(old developr, don't know if he is still) for coding this server
  13. I would like to give a shout out to Aikar for being the best cat eater ever, btw.
  14. That was the most amazing speech shout out I have ever heard. :D
  15. This is more or less exactly what I was going to say. A few changes, though.