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  1. Well, I have been on SMP6 quite a while since I first joined the Empire, but alas, SMP6 is growing old to me. It appears that the server is always in a comatose state, with no events or anything ever actually happening on the server. I don't want to finish my Mega Toaster anymore, because I find that my res is too cluttered to build anything of scale, and I decided that I don't really like it's original purpose, as now it would be a shop that would never yield any profit. So I've come to ask you, should I move out of SMP6? I do understand that this is quite a difficult choice, considering my familiarity with this server, but still... I am considering moving to SMP1 and starting smei-fresh. What do you think? What should I build? Also, if I do decide to move, I will need a location to temporarily hold my stuff.
    EDIT: Oh my god, I forgot the poll!
  2. Well I've considered the se thing except moving from my SMP4 home but then all my friends everyone I've grown used to there would be gone. That's what made me stay :)
  3. I had friends but they all quit Empire it seems. :(
  4. Ahh that's sad That would be the only thing keeping me back.
  5. that happened to me too
  6. I think I might move, but what will I do about the bookstore?
  7. Building Endermart, to me, was quite useless at first. The users of smp3 are beggars, but don't spend their rupees - they work for their resources. They just want rupees to show off. I want 20k before I begin to spend rupees, because I have 16k as of today.
    Anyway, I have figured a neat little trick: Advertise it on the forums, make your prices cheap, and people from other servers will come to vault your items. Perhaps you could do this with your shop?

    If you are going to move, then I say move to SMP1. I spend most of my time in the wilderness there - but I pay occasional visits to Town. I'm working on 333kirby's res. The community there is very lively, helpful and it is the best place to make a shop or an amazing piece of work.
  8. Well, I strongly am considering moving, so, that leaves two questions still. What should I build, and where can I keep my valuables during the move?
  9. If you moved to Smp5 we could be P.I.C. and you could keep your stuff at my place while you move.
  10. If you would like you could keep your stuff at 9067 free of charge on smp4. It is a empty plot with some chests.
  11. Move to Utopia.
  12. He's not a supporter
  13. Umm...
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    I believe that says Well-Known Member!
  14. move to smp2. since leo left, we need a good member to replace him
  15. Actually...
  16. I believe I can give him part of my Utopian res, duh!
  17. Sorry, but I want to be on an active server.
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  18. It's active!

    Theres about 11 people on there!
  19. Beginning res teardown now.
  20. I'm going to be moving some things. I need A LOT of chest space on someones res, I have a lot of stuff I want.